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  1. I remember it was in Katalam map when we had the blood mark gear.
  2. Yes it was later on, you had to be a specific rank to wear those and apparently we will never get those.
  3. In pvp you get a restriction on how much AP you can get in a period of time. You lose AP when you die in pvp, Krotan guards won't kill you and if they do you won't lose 4k AP since it wasn't pvp, imagine doing pvp to kill a rank 1 that will give you 400 AP and then end up dying and losing 4k AP in the process because his buddy showed up and they beat you together. Additionally a higher rank loses more AP when he dies, than the AP you get from him dying to you. So it means in pvp there is an AP sink overall. If a 5 star player A kills a 5 star player B, and then player B kills player A..
  4. This is partially true. I know when we got the perma ranks removed and got the monthly reset a ton of people complained, it was then when the exact opposite people got the ranks. I did play back on those AP days, I knew a lot of people that would wait when Tiamaranta eye would be safe zone and would play until the next day. When pvpers want to get a rank they will either have to quit pvp or just drop in rank. So no matter how much they want either of them, they can't have both. I know I sure made fun of all of them with memes back in 6.5 and then I ended up being the governor for a f
  5. On a second thought though, high ranks will be pve heroes aka not as pvp oriented as now. You won't have perma geared people running around with an OP transform killing everyone. So maybe an AP ranking system that favors pvers is the best thing for every day life, not so much for sieges.
  6. Mark my words, we are repeating history (not that I care too much for this), the AP system is not a pvp ranking system but a pve one. You do not even need PvP gear to be high in ranks. Not only you do not need to be in a siege to be a high rank, you must actually avoid going. High ranks get marked 1 and everyone attacks them. You could lose a ton of AP by going there and you could barely earn any if you do not die. PvP will never award nearly as much AP as pve does.
  7. ...because it didn't work, if you could read the comments you would know why it didn't. GP ranks = oh this guy is good at sieges, apparently geared enough, knows how to earn GP in that chaotic event, is prepared, does pvp and stays until the end of siege to earn as much contribution as possible AP ranks = ...wow that guy played 5 hours more than me yesterday killing AP mobs, he surpassed me in ranks, gotta catch up and go grind.
  8. The GP was supposed to fix this issue and by a lot it did (reset every month without removing much needed AP, while still awarding you something in return of the lost GP of the reset). I also allowed for AP to be earned in bigger amounts without altering ranks etc, so mobs and pve were free from the ranking system. They could specifically use a different "currency" for ranks exclusive to sieges -> GP. The problem was never the GP rank system itself as it is pretty much the only thing that can work, the problem is always how the developers decide to award the GP. When guards are far mor
  9. Exactly, but this means the highest ranks preferred to be killing AP mobs non stop for hours to earn AP and make sure they would not lose any in the process. Also the AP from players was restricted, you couldn't keep killing players and keep earning AP, you would get the hour limit pretty fast. I remember this very vibrant, that when the transform was ready, the high ranks would get out of town for 10 minutes to farm AP from pvp and then vanish again. When we got GP the highest ranks changed their habit and the highest ranks were pretty much the biggest pvpers due to sieges and their need
  10. You obviously read my messages wrong, 1h per day is NOT generous for f2p at all, actual gamers cannot enjoy the game for 1h per day. That 1 hour per day is only going to give kinah spammers and actual bots a big enough window to spam whatever they want and sell kinah without any restrictions. And yes it was harshly written about being "too poor" but that is the actual state. At one point the community asked for a subscription based classic, with no p2w and what we are getting is a semi subscription that allows bots and thus enables at least kinah farmers to do their job which will lead to
  11. You mean enemies will block the entrance to Dark Poeta? If yes, that will be a pvp spot, it won't work in the long term, at some point they will have to go away, it is not a shared map.
  12. It is Visa, but I already managed to buy for me with the help of a friend. I got the 1 month, I want to check it and see if I'll stay for it.
  13. They can implement future things like housing without ruining the game again. We already get future content injected into the Classic, like easier questing, macros, (I think), skills bars etc. The user interface will be upgraded. Aion Classic is a refined version of the old Aion so lets hope they implement the good stuff of future patches minus the wrong ones.
  14. Got my way around it with a friend. I personally purchased it but they need to check themselves. I tried 5 browsers and at least 2 of them were freshly installed just for this reason.
  15. OK paypal didn't work with 5 browsers: Mozilla, Chome, Microsoft Edge, Brave and Opera, they all give error 108. Debit card also got a problem: 100471, but according tot he site there is no such a problem! https://support.ncsoft.com/hc/en-us/articles/360053372211
  16. My Debit also got a problem, and the problem 100471 doesn't even exist in the article provided. someone replied to me that people from EU might get blocked in purchasing. If I cannot purchase it and pre-order I won't even bother trying it later. So fit the payment issues you guys have.
  17. We are going back to AP, you will see the highest ranks being pve heroes that will avoid pvp like a plague fearing they will lose hard earned AP. That kinda also means perma ranks, aka even if someone doesn't feel like playing much, their rank is there and stable.
  18. Paypal is being denied as a payment. I haven't bought anything in the last months so there is no limit issue. Nor is it banned or anything since I only bought very little things over the years.
  19. But if you are going to play Classic with the mentality of f2p then you are also accepting the fact that we will once again be infested by bots. Your last suggestion is to allow people to play free until level 10 and then require a subscription. Their offer is more generous, they will allow you to play the game fully for 1 hour per day then you would either have to pay subscription or accept the restrictions. You know this beforehand so there is nothing to complain about. Plus a free to play game attracts all sorts of people that end up destroying the game. If someone can't give 15$
  20. But everyone will also rush to level 50 too and then they can go to those areas to kill twinks. In the old times people struggled to level because the game was new and they didn't know it. We will have better questing than the real old aion and everyone is a veteran now.
  21. Most people will be hit hard with how much harder classes were back in the days and how awfully slow their attacks and casts were. Now pretty much everyone solos everything with maxed out c.speed/a.speed and speed. Forget about all the boosts and special skills etc of 6.0+
  22. Bots don't do it manually, KR has a ton of bots that log... farm for 1 hour... and then they close and a new account opens and starts over. Nobody is sitting down playing manually a bot account 24/7. Someone with 24 accounts could bot 24/7 free of charge with 1 account open at a time. In retail we have had people running hundreds and thousands of accounts because it is free. As long as it has something "free" people will take advantage of it. If you have subscription only to have 1000 accounts you would need instantly 15.000$ per month to make them able to generate profit. With the 1 ho
  23. The thing is that a ton of players are from EU and when a game wants to survive it is better to cater to everyone. You can defo not please everyone in ONE server with countries from all over the world. But we already have 2 servers, one could be a different time zone and if there are a lot of EU players they could have had a 3rd server that is EU zoned. If they decided to have an actual EU server that would be good ping-wise. I am European and played in Aion EU until NCSoft sold the rights to GF and it all went down and then I had to imigrate here. **Imagine Blizzard selling WoW righ
  24. Either send a message to support at support@aiononline.com or try from another computer if you get errors, like try from an internet cafe or a friend's house.
  25. Do not let cancer posts change your attitude towards classic. Play it for what it meant to you.
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