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  1. I pay my broker fees, which by the way seem to have been cut a little bit. I did a mock registration and for 1 billion. The registration fee is 23.816.500, or 2,38165% and this seems to no change much, if it changed at all. The sales fee is 71.449.500, or 7,14495%, this was cut a lot. And the total fee is 9,5266%. Previously I am sure it was more than 12,5% or close to 14% I forget.
  2. But you can run the easy mode Crucible with all the chars in an account (12 because I can't make a 13th) for an easy 350m which is the limit and that is only once per week it is. If you do it with 3 accounts that is 1,05 billion. Imagine going grinding endleslly and end up getting a useless item or a double, I'd have to sell it on broker and then buy me one for my own. Aint nobodu got tym fo dis! Just like they gave the items on the kerub guide which negates any job anyone has ever done in the whole 7.x Buying my gear from broker will make it faster for me.
  3. ...that is great news, it seems in this patch I'll gear myself, I'll buy it all from broker.
  4. Comparing (the Ultimate Fighting Spirit) to Paragon +8, (the Ultimate Fighting Spirit) it is way better with a lot more defense. This is how I read it,
  5. Pretty much yes. He didn't even know how to change the appearance of his char, he simply went back and forth to get a new random face apparently nobody told him the basics so he missed one of the best points of Aion which is the character customization. And it is not like other mmorpgs aren't the same setup when you make a char, he should have knows that there are options right in front of his face if he bothered to look at his screen (unless he never tried a single mmorpg in his life before). The next biggest stupidity he did was that he chose an AT and he didn't get a mech key at
  6. Exactly, and the good thing about 11th anniversary coins was that they were insanely OP for chars that were rather low, now these coins are 76+. I know this because I had a char that was like 20 level and with the 11th coin he went straight to 30 with berdin's favor on. And this is the first time we have anniversary and a major new patch, there are so many things to do and I have alts too that are important, so I'll skip that quest sequence for that skin. I won't waste time doing a Fenris quest just for a skin I'll never be able to use because I will simply hoard it.
  7. OK, now I understand what he means, are the settings red for that tab only or all tabs? And if not, are you in the right tab?
  8. Yeah this is why that area is empty. These are probably the most useless coins so far.
  9. Also time to go see some youtube videos on what to do in 8.0, the ingame guides either do not exist or some hints are having chat missing because the chat gets past the windows size.
  10. Pernos/Munin's Gift Quest sucks. The 1st quest is easy, the 2nd quest is a typical impossible NCSoft quest with nps that teleport to random areas
  11. This happened in consumables mostly where the difference was small, like some craftables were selling for 2.000 kinah and someone put it for 1.999 so the guy that was selling for 2.000 would remove it and put them for 1.998 kinah. When I had a shining gemstone for vandals there was only one that was for 200m and I thought it was a good one, so I placed mine for 170m, it didn't sell so I placed it after 7 days for 120m and it didn't sell either. This happened a few more times and the price kept getting lower. I ended up selling it for 40m in the end and I am sure that hopefully it cov
  12. I myself put things much cheaper than the lowest price for the said expensive item, so I make sure they sell so I won't lose the listing fees and have to relist for a lower price and even less profit. So there goes your argument about it. Also some items that are super expensive were prohibiting of being put in broker for fear of not being sold within 7 days, and thus LFG was full of people advertising them before they would find a buyer which is irritating. The broker can find its equilibrium for prices if the fees aren't that obnoxiously high. Yeah, pretty much every a
  13. It was full also because pretty much everything is tradeable. They killed everything about an mmorpg: gathering, crafting, housing, broker trading. And all this to fight against bots, and in the end they ended up making bots more important because they do not care about fees, they'll just put another 100 accounts to compensate. And it is a 5-piece, jeez, I have no more room. I am a compulsive hoarder I need help not more skins! On the other hand I'll be able to empty like 2 rows worth of mounts with the mount parking lot thingy, so I'll be fine for now.
  14. They can't put them higher, this was the highest we ever had which was like before the fix they did some years ago during 5.x (if I remember) where listing an item was minimal fee (like 0.01% or something) and selling the item was much much less than what it is now. My memory is giving up on me but I think it was less than 4% of the sale. I literally made billions because of broker trading, buying low and selling high, taking advantage of events that gave a ton of thing and selling them later when they were scarce. I still won't forget I bought the giant berdin stars for 1~2m and spent al
  15. ...lets hope it became like before the destruction of broker with insane fees. Crossing fingers. Also they decided to bring back everythign wrong with pre-6.0. They didn't like the Archdaeva feature and they are bringing it back with the Daevanion feature.
  16. You get it from transmutation some times and also Crucible Spire both lower and medium can give it in various stages, but in medium is higher chance I think. It was a 3x5%XP = 15% XP bar is now turned into a 3x 17.976.651XP = 53.929.954 XP the number you wrote is 2x the actual number.
  17. There is no spam skill usage here, just the various effects of some skills are shared with different lines. This is what the log says: He used Erosion, these are the 2 lines you got: --> 424 damage using Erosion --> Receving continuous damage from Erosion He used Cleave, this is the line you got: --> 1162 damage Cleave III He used Chain of Earth, these are the 3 lines you got: --> 107 damage Chain of Earth IV --> Receving continuous damage from Chain of Earth IV --> Received slow because of Chain of Earth He used Stone Shock, these are the 2 lines you got: -->
  18. Meanwhile lets hope they bring at least 1 anniversary event because this has been the driest anniversary ever so far.
  19. I read in H.Ello's channel that the XP crystals are turned from 5% to 17.976.651 XP and Enhanced Experience Crystal from 15% to 53.929.954 XP.
  20. @Kibbelz We need 8.0 patch notes for NA and tell us what is getting deleted and what not. We are mostly curious about our XP crystals and so far the only things we know is gossip about them.
  21. Well after 6.0 getting end game is supposed to be the easy task, the rest is the tough one. Plus, having hundreds of XP crystals means we did a lot of prework for that.
  22. Right now XP crystals give 5% of level 80 and that is 17,5m. I read somewhere they will turn the XP crystals into solid 17,5m. And these are the ones you get past 76 level. I also read (in comments, not actual patch notes) that the lugbug XP crystals you get before you reach level 76 will remain 5% of the XP and the ones you get past 76 by chance will be the 17,5m XP. The only thing I found on Experience Crystals in 8.0 is that their tooltip changes lol https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/8.0_Update
  23. So he keeps falling, hm I think /escape works even if you are falling. But that may be on retail not on classic. In any case if all of these do not work he should have opened a ticket, the only way to fix it for sure.
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