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  1. Of course you need BCM to load, there are also free things there like the breath of transformations. It happens to me too, you need to close the client and re-open it hoping it will work this time.
  2. Fam, someone else did it and he said he got 2 days forum ban for suggesting it. You are getting us in trouble, BCM is like Hilary Clinton, if you talk against it you vanish. Keep the dirty talk against BCM away from me please, I got 2 strikes already!
  3. The only way to fix the situation is to address it, there are no GMs inspecting the game, if players never wrote about AP trading in forums, take videos and post names, this would have never been an issue for the stuff. I will never understand people like you, when someone posts an issue in the forums or posts a video proof of AP traders you call that "waste my life complaining about it". How does one address an issue without triggering you to think they "complain" about it? The only complaints are about NCWest slacking and doing nothing for months now.
  4. But this is what old Aion patches were, it seems people wanted Classic just for nostalgia, not to actually play the awfulness of the old patches. I still remember when they changed the siege mechanics in 6.0 where the highest dps legion would get the fortress no matter who was the leader of league or whether there was a league or not. Low dps legions were mad at the one big legion for constantly taking the fortress because they said "they should give others the right to own a fortress too" until they realized legion politics are over, you are either contributing and taking a fortress or y
  5. The Special gift box seems to have some rewards with more quantity, like the enchants are 5 instead of 3, the miniums are more, the blessed socket stones too. So they do matter which one we get. But, the deadline is from 8~14 to use the extractors which is the first week and the rewards will be given at 22/9, which is the end of the 2nd week. ### Soon? We gotta wait 2 weeks for them to be delivered so:
  6. Hahah the more I read the info the more I get confused and drag you with me, this i what I thought, but they say this: "Each week, we will be giving away at least one of the gift boxes we are sharing: a Gift Box, or a Special Gift Box" "At least one"? Like could it be either one or two then? And if it is one is it one "or" the other? They need to be more clear!
  7. @Mitsukuni-KT I was wrong, the event lasts 6 weeks, it would make sense to give 2x per week, but they said "Each week, we will be giving away at least one of the gift boxes we are sharing: a Gift Box, or a Special Gift Box" so that is confusing.
  8. The way I read it is we use 10 XP extractors for both boxes. I could be wrong. The event lasts 8 weeks which is weird for "12 gifts". So apparently some weeks we will be getting 2 to make a total of 12.
  9. The cat wizard event is in the first page even thought it ended a week ago at September 1st. Someone needs to be updating the site once a week.
  10. He is kidding, mine is loading. But I'll do a double check when the servers come back online.
  11. Well lets hope, but if it is indeed selectable that 70 A-minium is a big joke! You get more by running one minium vault.
  12. @Kibbelz I think it is time to unsticky this thread for all good reasons 😷
  13. Now that I read the rewards, I am more than sure it is NOT a selectable box of rewards, think about it you have the "option" to select between "[Event] Ultimate Bitterthorn Weapon Selection Box" and "70x Grade A Minium"... yeah, no! It is defo random and the chance to get something good is 0.1%
  14. That is the anniversary event for this year 🥱? I hope not. In previous anniversary weeks, we had a few events running simultaneously. It would also be good to have actual events with their instance, like kumuki, or shugo cave or whatever. And the rewards need to be relevant, not like the poppy's bundles in the late kumuki that gave us greater transformation shards that were unable to be used due to lack of greater breath of transformation... and even worse even if we did get the breaths, it would have been a green transforms -> a useless one.
  15. You read way too much into it, I mentioned my char was 34 the first 3 weeks because that mental amoeba would think I cannot level all these months and would try to school me on how to level or what she did to level up and sh!tpost the thread into a new dimension. I mentioned it to show that I was active enough but quit when I saw where it was going to. And I didn't quit because I fell behind, I quit before I would fall behind. I can afford to p2w too but I won't play a game for the sake of buying my wins. What is the point unless you are willing to spend 10k so you are the biggest whale a
  16. I not only do it every day but there were times I would do 4x runs per day, 1 free and 3x with 40 lunas. but then lunas were not possible to farm by doing luna instance so I stopped doing the 4x pe day. Needless to say I also used a ton of them to make XP marks already and boborunerk coins. I could have had like 10k by now if I didn't use them all. Oh and I would try to log on Wednesday after maintenance before daily reset to get that +1 more
  17. I knew both these legions' existences I just learned they are the same people, why is it so shocking? I am doing memes myself and I never seen the "an" joke anywhere, this is why I asked.
  18. About the question if they are the same people (one legion in asmodians and one in elyos) or about the grammar nazi part?
  19. The 500 recipes were mostly soul bound items if I remember correctly. Not sure what cooking had because food was rarely soul bound.
  20. So "An Vilain" and "An Hero" are both the same people? And isn't it wrong to put "an" instead of "a" since the next word starts with a consonant? "A Villain" and "A Hero"?
  21. Yes, they didn't say anything about the ending, either on purpose because of what you said or because they are giving sloppy maintenance notes and are doing them in a rush 😆 ~~~ But I am ready for 8.0 I have like 4,5k Abyssal XP crystals, they will be turned from 5% of your current bar to 17,5m XP flat (so they will still be 5% on the 80 lvl but much less for later levels). That is 4500*17,5m is about 79 billion XP.
  22. You need to make one profession to 499 first and then you can unlock a second one to 400+. So you can have 2 in total at 499. In later patches you can have one profession to 500, one to 499 and the rest 399
  23. In EU they reset the GP every year, not every month, so they get these events for this purpose. We already have rewards for GP here that are based on our system.
  24. I was going to reply to you but I can't really lower my frequencies so low. My char was 34 the first 3 weeks and then I quit it and that is it. I could have made a drawing, the game ever since only got more pathogens and I was right to soft quit it. Read the first post and next time stop sh!tposting the threads out of their original reason. And who the fk is complaining? I made a funny post about what will happen if they ban AP traders and simply told later into the other posts that I didn't like classic to the point I no longer "play" it (I just log here and there) where is the comp
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