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Crafting Proc rates shadow- nerfed?   

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  1. 1. Anyone else notice a significant drop in the Proc rate for any craft

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Hi  fellow Vault Dwellers   -- Crafters , 

     I was curious to  see if others have noticed a significant decrease in the proc rates for any of their normal or typical crafted items as well.  Recently -I realized I'm  not seeing the same proc rates I had typically experienced whenever I attempt to craft any particular item. 

          For example's sake --lets say a Fancy Noble Moonstone Glasses . Originally, I would make enough to have 5 attempts at a noble proc. I would get still get 1 proc out of 5 on a bad day. On my best 4/5. My standard over the last few months was  2/5  proc'ing on a regular basis . I noticed over the last three or so weeks that my trend started to  decrease from 1/5 proc, to 1/7 down to 1/10 for this item itself.  Granted -I know it's all probability and the chances aren't locked in, I  can understand it's not a guarantee. But this downwards trend is also being reflected in other crafts- such as tailoring showing an all too similar decline in results.

         For those familiar with SL-E side. I would craft L48 items for myself or others to Disenchant and would do so at a bargain rate.  My best trend for Expert Noble Durable Tough Vambrace was 1/2 at a crafting total of 20. My Historical worst trend would reflect the similar 1/5 trend  at the same total (20).  Standard would also reflect 2/5 .  Over the last few weeks that I've done this, there was decline in the proc rate  to where my expectations were dashed drastically. I had results showing a decline of 1/7  down to 1/10 at its worst. Often when it got that bad I would stop --(Yes I know this affects the potential data points)-- "let my RNG rest " --and try again later on in the day.   I had spoken with a few other crafters on SL-E side and confirmed they were seeing similar results or trends that were far worse than my  own. I don't keep a hardcore record  of crafting rates [ but at this point I probably should ] to provide a deeper analysis of it, but I just wanted to see if others are also seeing the same thing.

Best ,


No longer the provider of Foolish cowls. 

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4 hours ago, Stormwing said:

I can not confirm any drop in the proc rate. I usually need about ten tries for a proc unless I have a lucky day. My worst is 16/1 months ago and my best 4/7 last month. Seems to be like it has always been to me.

        Right, For most of my big money crafts I tend to have less than 10 attempts - I generally save enough for 5 , but since the lower rate of   sales, I would typically go 3 attempts at a time for things like weapons. ( often just cuz of Inventory being filled up). So when I had non proc runs 0/3  , 0/6  0/10.  (Not including cowls cuz i seldom did craft all runs past 5 attempts).  I just chalked it up to "Damn IM UNLUCKY AFFFF." and I ignored the last couple weeks of non-proc runs due to that line of thinking. I only made a post cuz i want to see if other crafter were seeing a similar decline or if I'm just fishing for more reasons to QQ 

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