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NA Refly shutdown: Merge into NA classic, inter-region merge (eg. EU), or none?

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When NA Aion's refly server shuts down (likely in a few weeks), which one do you think is the most possible scenario?

  • Compension system similar to some system used for origina refly 6.0 deployment
    • From:
      • Gear (depending on enchantment level)
        • Fighting Spirit
        • Apsu's Phantasm
        • Perfect Yornforged
        • Paragon
      • Advanced stigmas
      • Transformation (collections)
      • S rank minions
      • Advanced Daevanion skills
    • To: (the following are possibilities)
      • Abyss Points
      • Medals
      • PvP Equipment
      • Siel's Aura Time (could be account or character based)
      • Quna
  • Inter-region merge (most likely to Europe Gameforge) (possibly for a fee)
  • Nothing at all (if shutdown announcement made with no/subpar compensation, stop playing/paying refly NA immediately)
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(likely in a few weeks)

Where are you getting this notion from, if true it would be really scummy of them to keep running everything like nothing is happening and even having sales and promotions for a game that they plan on shutting down imminently, taking money from people fully knowing that the money they spent will be wasted. But the company track record is in line with such possibility so nothing really surprises me. 

In any way, merge into classic wont really work, the people from live that wanted to play classic went there long ago, and then mostly left it also, the ones that are left i dare say have no intention on playing classic.

Merging into EU is the only viable way to keep the game going and maybe keep the players that dont want to start over from quitting all together, but we will be merging into a totally different economy, and gear situation, most there are running on a paragon +10 or higher gears, +10 or higher runes/gems, all of the collections were provided through various events. Also i doubt that gameforge would go through all this extra work of converting every single character to be in line with their version even if it can be automated to a point, for what 50-100 players, doubt its worth the manhours for them. 

So i guess the last option is the most likely, no recourse at all, just "Thank You for your money, and goodbye" - NCWest

i still want to know where you are getting that "few weeks" feeling from.

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There is no such thing as merging retail into classic, if they do it for me it is plainly closing of aion retail. I do not care what they do with my chars from that point on, whether they delete them or pretend they gave me another char on classic that I never asked.

I tried classic and I hated it, it is pay to play and pay to win and full of bugs.

I'd rather play a dead aion where I run at 12 speed and cast at full c.speed and attack speed than play a dead aion where I move like a turtle.

Aion classic had nostalgia only in theory, in reality it simply reminded of all the obnoxious things we had to endure in the past all over again.

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None of the above. If NCwest decides to stop running retail they will have to pass the right to a different publisher including all the existing  information or shit it down.  Of course they don't have to retain the accounts or data but they would be selling the title of the game and it could run as a different instance via steam for example. 


There is no way the server is merged into EU and there is no chance you can equate the spending here to there and there is no way you can just merge to the GF servers that are located in Frankfut. Remember retail is aimed to the NA crowd so it will have to continue focusing on them including hosting and localisation.



Aion retail will probably continue running same as BnS and Lineage.  Most of these games if not all have moved to AWS and the hosting g cost is small.  So as long as the games make more money from their OPEX theu can keep running. However, given the huge drop of population and since our funders have moved away it may be the case that the current model is not viable in which case we come back to the options I mentioned before.


Keep in mind that if we ever move to a different publisher we may loose everything unless the new publisher wants to migrate the data to retain the player base.


Regardless, the question you should ask yourselves is "do I really want to spend money on this game the way it is right now?"

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I got my thread removed by making a suggestion to remove the private servers so all those players either come back to retail or classic. There's more players on private servers than EU and NA retail combined.


The only realistic solution is either open a international server and merge NA and EU there or move EU to NA server....  Then there is the ping issue, is it worth it to have a game that has slightly more people and lots of lag, or no people but no lag? The no people, no lag, the game is going to shut down soon, look at Tera, it just recently shut down because it was a dead game, youtube the farewell video and it's sad to see, but this is the reality of Aion too now.  Let's not forget Aion 2 is around the corner, and it's a mobile game, I think any players currently on retail (which is only like 100 in NA or less playing throughout the day) will go to Aion 2 for mobile and not be wanting to return to this game. Here's the fun part.... Aion 2 isn't going to be good, it's going to be mobile, automated and a huge cash shop more than you'd ever seen a game be ever. People will play it and within a month, the population is going to be dropping and there will be little players left like there are now.


Which brings me up to my next point... If NC Soft wants to save face, they'd release Aion 2 for PC. What's going to happen is the mobile version is going to die, and they'll release Aion 2 for PC maybe... But there will be zero interest in it. 

(NC soft, you are being warned, please make Aion 2 PC playable on launch do not let it sit mobile). A game with a great game mechanic system and combat system becomes mobile? I just don't understand, you have the best fluid combat system, the classes are flashy and cool (not as cool as lost ark) but still good to platy them all, and you put that on a mobile game?


Anyhow, I bring Aion 2 up because this whole mess is either  merge EU/NA, or shut down the both upon Aion 2s launch (which is what they will probably do if there isn't a merge). So yeah Aion 2 is a important factor here.


Honestly, I know I got my thread removed and a infraction but my suggestion is the same, remove the private servers, and give rewards for coming back to retail. Maybe a free ultimate transformation box for everybody playing. Stop with the timegate hourglass thing and let people enjoy the old katalam (make katalam a thing again). 


Here's the suggestions.

Make Katalam THE 2ND primere pvp area, more so end game area along with Danaria to farm end game gear. OR give Apsaranta more content...

Bring back Tiamantra's eye and make it the primere FIRST big pvp zone for end game after people get geared with  legendary transformation keys and boxes to grind.  (The game has a low population, we need a map that is small, and tia's eye is small enough to fit the low population into it to make pvp interesting again) also I miss Tia's eye honestly but to bring it back improved and updated would be amazing.

either merge the servers, or give great rewards to combat, give private players compensation and remove the private servers and about 10b kinah.  

Make Sanctum and Panda a thing again, just revamp both with lvl 85 stuff all throughout, end game stuff

introduce a new faction for 9.0 (Maybe if the game becomes active with players) or just introduce  x2 skills that are unique, elyos and asmos.


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