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Log in/Log off Exploitation.


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I know this isn't the first topic about this issue. But, I think it's important that the more people expressing their concern about this topic the better to see if we can pressure NCsoft to do something about.

Being able to create characters of both factions in the server must have some kind of restriction or penalty for those who abuses the possibility of swapping characters constantly. I won't list all the issues that this practice brings to the game, because other players already did topics about it.

I'm in the Siel server and I will use those guys from the Seppuku legion from asmos side as an example. Their main toons were created in the Elyos side. They stand at the gate of Gelkmaros fortresses spying the players just to log in with their mains that are Elyos and Zerg the Asmos in the safest way, avoiding being killed by the opposite faction just by logging off. 

In that perspective, this is very unfair to the other players who suffers the AP loss penalty and those spies just get away without any AP loss penalty because they exploit this problem aspect of the game. So, some restrictions must be made to keep the game fair to everyone. And this can considered AP trading because in some cases there are players using their characters of both factions at the same time and sometimes even mirrored actions. 

Here are some changes that can be made:

1.  Increase the wait time to swap to a character of the opposite faction. 5 minutes would be great.

2. If you Log off with a character in your opposite faction map, you should lose all your buffs and XFORM if you stay logged out with the character for more than 2 minutes.

3. Make the fort NPCs aggro range larger and hit harder players of the opposite faction when the fort is invulnerable because many XFORMs bring their whole party even inside the fort to gank players inside and not being able to scape the fort so easily and with HP almost intact.

4. If you Log off with your character who's in the opposite faction area, you should be sent back to your faction area after 10 minutes logged off.

These are some solutions I could think at this moment. But, there's more issues. I hope the GMs and other NCsoft staff read this post and start doing something about it. Because this is the most pathetic way people figured out to gank players in the easiest way. It's frustrating and those kind of unbalance is what makes people abandon the game. Keep things fair or Aion will lose subscribers.


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Are you really suprised though?

Aion is rife with cheaters,hackers,rmters pay2win and everything under the sun to gain Advantage over other people.The best pvp was when retail was first released just crappy gear and fun openworld.

Now the game is saturated with players that use every trick to win/grief and generally make the game unenjoyable for a lot of people.

The game isnt policed we have zero Gms ingame and for a sub based game thats really poor.

The irony of Classic to me is for years people called Retail pay2win and we have the same situation yet again.Only the spenders can afford +15 gears the godstones manastones and everything else that makes them untouchable too the average player.

While ncsoft is responsible it's the players who are too blame as well by buying into the pay2win aspect of passes/rmt and whatever else too win at a game.

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I would vote for transforms are only for siege. I do have other ones that would fix some other issues:

  • Buffs will continue to tick after being logged out.
  • Logging off will unbind you from your kisk.
  • Logging off in open world will move you back to your obelisk.
  • Logging off takes 1 minute to perform.
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...people log a second account to spy! Heck they might log more than 1 alt accounts.

Nobody makes two factions on same account and different servers hoping one day there will be a merge... just so they can spy!

How is it even effective to require 10 seconds of logoff and then a few more seconds to lo next char and load the screen etc?

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12 minutes ago, Edict said:

Not sure if you are replying to me. My suggestions were for some other logging exploits.

It wasn't for you, I know people transform and logoff so when the siege comes the transform has cooled down but still have the previous transformation buff.

I replied to the original post saying that people keep an elyos and asmodian in the same account and somehow they use this to spy. This has to be the weakest form of spying anyone could ever think of.

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