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Update on Item Drop Issue and DB Rollback Announcement - February 15, 2023


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Hi Aion Team,

Just wanted to state Padmarashka is broken/bugged and will spawn multiple mobs/adds/eggs/veterans/dredgion(a lot of times during the wrong times/windows) mobs during the fight not as intended. I have had the opportunity to defeat the boss several times, but I did want to point this out for the powers that be to hopefully have a quick fix for. Maternal love can also stay on the boss even though it is at 100% hp and reset. Multiple random disconnects continue to happen to multiple people daily during the fight which causes a 1-6 hour setback on the group based on DP based skills.

Also I really miss looting kinah, getting platinum medals for abyss sieges, and the drop rate for Padmarashka is less then 1% for an eternal weapon based on my 50-100 kills since 2.5 NA Classic. Drop rate is not realistic and will cause burn out / no interest in completing content that cannot be properly rewarded like BTHM.

I understand that some of these issues are out of your power, and that the powers that be who can fix this need to see these forum posts to take proper action. I appreciate all that you all do, and I would like the game to get fixed before it causes further damage to the community who is transparently frustrated with all the problems that have not been fixed since 2.5 dropped as intended with patch notes guaranteeing these missing issues.

I hope I was able to produce these issues politely without any personal attacks or frustration towards the staff that cannot fix this whatsoever. I thank you for your time.

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