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Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2

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I wonder how many people have said FU Cake to me over the years, lol. I've lost track of that, too. xD

And I don't even remember who was supposed to be writing it. That was, like, 2014 era. But it's one of those, if you're gonna write erotica about me, I want to read it, macabre interest and great amusement and all, lol.

Larxe and another person post on Twitter sometimes. I don't look at Twitter anymore, though. It made me mega depressed. DX

I think Bryos quit a while back. I don't think Aly plays anymore. Most of the other forum posters quit. I stopped playing Aion a while ago, but I like shitposting here, though I really don't post much anymore because nothing to really talk about. Started moving to shitposting on the GW2 subreddit, so we'll see how long it is that I remain lurking here, too.

I do still want things to be better in Aion, though, because I did play the game for over nine years, but I don't think I'm ever going to come back. The RNG has become too much, and they got rid of so many of my skins. :( Skins are lyfe.

Loki, I just want the Tiamat transform so I can take screenshots and dream of making her a cosplay. :( She's literally the ultimate skin.

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lmfao I didn’t mean F U in a bad way at the time  I didn’t know what else to put in the plate it was like 2016 or something 


I’m with you on Aion though.  Still wish they’d market hard but no one likes anime even me, and yeah it’s a 10 year old title but it’s home



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I played vandal for like a month after hitting 80 when they first came out.  They definitely slap, but yea not the same. 

and yeah every time I even go near Aion pvp it's a death fest featuring mostly just me no matter what class.  note: im always solo and nothing's enchanted lolo

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6 hours ago, Eyyos said:

My dad has a habit sucking his teeth and it makes this weird noise.  He's been doing it non-stop for a while, and it's driving up the wall.

Old people do this kinda of sucking after they have eaten something, worse is when they eat something that has crumbles in it and it gets stuck between their teeth. They suck their teeth, make noises with their tongue, growl and groan, breath heavily and when their nose whistles they make sure they breath heavier so that whistling sound is heard by everyone.

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