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Real Life Pet Peeve Thread v2


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2 minutes ago, Tetsuya-IS said:

Aion forums has always been the "special" child :D 



Peeve: Woman, you say you hate chocolate, which is cool because that means more for me. And without fail, every time you are here you eat ALL of my chocolate. Every. Time. Even when I've clearly marked off stuff that I've gotten for myself,. (or that a friend got me, in this case.) GTFO

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not a peeve: almighty return of the pet peeves thread yay!

aion peeve: other people not understanding the purpose of an aoe-class, and stealing my 2nd / 3th / etc. mobs :c

irl peeve: people not understanding that if I'm reading a book, you can read the title from the cover, google it, and any questions that may arise - just leave me in peace tyvm. 

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Longstanding Peeve:

Not having the freezer space to take advantage of the 10/$10 frozen fruit/veggie deals at the store. :(


Not a Peeve:

Ordered a small chest freezer (3.5cubic feet storage), so now I can renew my Costco membership and stock up on frozen proteins and veggies. ._.

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Not a peeve: The forum updates yaaay

Aion Peeve: Ethans <3

IRL peeve: When you go into a restaurant establishment and ask what's in the *insert item here* the cashier/waitress replies with "Exactly what's in the picture"........so you proceed to ask

"Are those peppers?" 

Cashier: "idk, it's what you see, so I guess"

Me: "Ok...-gets food- These are tomatoes not peppers."

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