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Katalam - Elyos Tree event


Katalam Elyos  

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  1. 1. Wich tree you want to evolve first?

    • Solemn
    • Robust
    • Shiny

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Hello and ty for your answers

I found Zombiemastor and gave the collected seeds to him and he reached 1500 to upgrade our Solemn tree just like you wanted. Ty to all the people who helped. To those that gave me seeds to me or to the other people collecting. We hope that we all will have better rewards now. 

and as Ashtar said.... well yes. I saw that our faction/server is complicated. Looks like all the people just want to play alone. People prefers to get 1-3M for each seed on the broker than being part of something bigger. Was really hard just to get those 1500 seeds. And yes. There are some players that are hoarding seeds for themselves. But if you talk to them, you will see that is not a selfilsh behaviour. If everybody wants to get 1-3M for each seed and giving them for free to somebody seems to be so hard, the only people with seeds will be those who used some billions on that. . And tell me why they have to share the benefits if nobody wants to share those tiny seeds? I myself bouth some seeds just to be able to do this. I used some of my kinah on this. I bet that Zombie had to buy seeds too. 

I suggest to play as a faction. A little more unity and we could had all the trees on max level right now. Everyone got crap from the boxes to this moment just to earn maybe 10M in broker from seeds or to keep them for the future as is easy to get 1500 seeds alone. 

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The person who is getting the title, wings, etc SHOULD have to spend a little kinah in my opinion. I have not sold a single seed; I've given away all of mine freely so that we could upgrade our trees more quickly. However, I can understand why people may prefer to sell the seeds instead. It really isn't that fair that the one person who spams lfg and begs people for seeds basically gets free wings, etc while the people who actually donated the seeds get nothing (except the regular tree rewards).

Again, I donated all of my seeds, but I'm just trying to see it from the other side too. The event is a little lopsided in favor of the people who have time to whine in lfg and beg people for seeds.

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To be honest, I was thinking the same thing when I created the poll and thread. And I was thinking that if everyone is haring the seeds is not fair to me to get the rewards (even when the title is no usefull for me and I don´t really need untradeable omegas and temperings). 

But things in KT-Elyos are not the same than DN-Elyos. In Danaria they have a person from the first day doing this and in just 1 or 2 days they collected enought seeds for 2 trees (at least). A lot of people were interested in that and they worked as a faction. In KT wasn´t the same. 3 of the 4 upgrades were made by lone players who got seeds from the last event or bought them at high prices on the Broker (and had so many boxes to try their luck). Obviousy we can not ask those players to share their rewards cause we did not help them. And they grew up the trees they wanted. But on the other side after 3 days posting, buying and collecting seeds, we only got enought for 1 upgrade. We were many players explaining everyone about how the event works, how to get rewards, why was important to gather the seeds. And we only had 1500 seeds (maybe a little more). And most of the players I saw giving away their seeds were new players who probably has so few kinah and selling them could be important.  Was not me the player who used the fused seed so I did not get the rewards. But The person who did, made a huge effort for that. He used his own kinah too. He used time that could be used to play and get things for him. And I am pretty sure those omegas and temperings did not make a difference for him.

And thanks to that upgrade, the other players made the remaining 3 upgrades. The initial idea wasn´t that. But after the first upgrade they became motivated to do the same. So without all the time used to collect those 1500 seeds, probably the trees could be still in the initial level. 

So. I was one of the players who gave seeds for free (even those I bought with my kinah), and still my honor does not allow me to ask KnightZM for a raffle to share those omegas. 

And finally, the rewards, now on the broker, represent like 1B. Maybe a little more, maybe a little less. After upgrading the trees, a lot of players can get them, so the prices go dow. So even if we talk about the benefit on being the player growing up the tree, a fair price for the seeds can not be 2M each (like we had that day). 

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as long as seeds are fair price (imo 1500 seeds should be not more than 500m, so seed - 340k or less).

Me and danums again leveling trees with our own $$, but i never bought a single seed for above 340k (ironically, got 200m worth of reward after spending 500m GG).  I can lvl up more as long as people stop being so stingy with seed prices on broker. Always watching broker for price change ^_^

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