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Unscheduled Server Maintenance - January 11, 2018


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Each character who gets the new/returning player bag gets the level 20 box in the bag.

If you're over level 20, you can't open it, and you just might as well throw it away.

If you're at/under 20, you can open it. Opening it gives you the next tier of box, and so on and so on.

You can't trade the boxes to any other character, and each character can open their box when they reach the appropriate levels.

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17 minutes ago, Gallium-DN said:


Ok. I think I got. So I can go ahead and delete the alt that I collected the below-lvl 20 gift on, and it will not affect my other characters? What I want to do is get rid of that character and pick up the gifts on a different one.

Yes. You can. On an account flagged as "Returning" every character can pick up the initial bundle. Even if you deleted it all on one. If you can open the Twins Gift part of the bundle is different. For that your character needs to be level 20. If you are 19, you need to wait a level and then open it. If you are level 21, then you will never be able to and you can throw it away.

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On 1/12/2018 at 1:23 AM, Cyan said:


  • An issue with AP to GP conversion NPCs unintentionally spawning will be fixed.
  • An issue which caused players to be flagged as returning users will be fixed.

@Cyan today we have alot of ppl going siege divine fortress after we got the fort no one get the gp. i have put the link video on link below i hope you give me gp and other ppl that support.



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My faction didn't get the fort and I got GP and tasty upgrade materials. The amount of rewards on each side might be capped.

P.S. Why did you quote how the AP to GP conversion NPCs had been removed? They have nothing to do with sieges.

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