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Mirash Sanctum Hook


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The hook is based on your attack speed, so casters need to use attack speed scrolls and an attack speed weapon. (Not that that applies to you two, but it needs to be said.)

I find that I need to not just get up to the platform but move as far away from the ladder as possible to keep from dying. (Again.. not what you are talking about but still needs to be said.)

And lastly, if you are within 10 m of the ladder but just barely, the cast of the hook goes off but the game reads you as too far from the ladder and ports you back. So it's best to be closer to the ladder than the targeting recommends.

The hook is massively twitchy. Confirmed.

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It has been stated that we must get to the platform before the cast is 75%. If we get there too late, we will die.


  1. We must find the correct platform; the one with no ice rain.
  2. We must be fast; get there before 75% cast.
  3. We must not be too far away. (10+m is too far.)
  4. We must not be too close; "Your target is out of your line of sight." [Are you kidding me? BOOM! Die.]
  5. And, maybe, using it at an angle it will glitch and not pull us up. (Happened me a few times, but I may not have been close enough.)

Oh, is that all? Bring it on.


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4 hours ago, 2s346B13-DN said:

the named mob you need to kill inside that second door keeps resetting?

It is as intended. We need to "kill" that mob three times. (It will re-set twice at ~75% then again at ~50%.)

NOTE:  There are five of them in that room. After each re-set, it may switch to one of the other four.  The one with the shorter name is the correct one.

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Shit 10m at 5m it doesn't even work........cast time?.....hahaha you have literally milliseconds to cast this shit.....its ridiculous.......how about you make the ice rain stop on all the platforms when she casts........how about just romoveing the glitchy ass nyerking ice rain!!!!!!......I'm getting hit outside her aoe during normal skills.......how about getting hit by ice rain 5m from the ice rain!!!!!......this is literally the most glitchy shit ive ever seen yo!!!!!!!!!

ive got the chain hotkeyed to my mouse and its still not fast enough.......wtf yo!!!!!!!........

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Just watch on platofroms whole time, one of them will stop spam ice rain ~1-2 sec. before cast, if you not noticed that platform and she started cast, so quickly look behind self and check another two platforms. It's nothing difficult in that instance, you'll need to be used. (or maybe you have worst ping?)

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