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Best PvP Weapon for Ranger


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I would argue, that the best PvP weapon for a ranger is the PARC/PGRC Bow, however.  Considering the fact that in 5.8, you can purify it to level 80, and the level 80 version does not get destroyed if you fail enchanting, even past +15 the PARC and its purified version will be far, far superior.  

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Purified Prime Guardian Royal Captain bow:
Attack 420 - 569
Accuracy 1531
Crit Strike 50
Magical Acc 521

-Added Stats-
(Base+Augment stats combined)
HP +1001
Attack +111
Crit Strike +160
Accuracy +292
Atk Speed +19%
PvP Attack +22.6%
Paralysis Resistance Penetration +25
Silence Resistance Penetration +26
Godstone Activation Suppression +0.1%

Once that releases with 5.8, it's top dog since purified Harvester can not mix with AP. Pure Harvester/Ahserion will be locked at 16.7 pvp attack where as this beast would be 27% with a Pure top / Normal bottom. 28.1% if you get two pure's together.

Right now, SFL has: (Compaired to current PGRC)
31 more base attack
47 more magic accuracy
100 more accuracy
123 more HP
4 more additional attack

4.4% less pvp attack

With SFL obsoleting in 5.8, I think it's a waste of money to build one now.

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