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Blind vs. Silence Proc Rates


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Just curious - might blind godstones have a noticeably higher proc rate compared to silence in pvp because pvp armor has silence resist, and no blind resist? I think both godstones are listed as having the same proc rate % on the godstone description (7%-8% depending on if you use the normal or strengthened version). In my personal experience it has been disproportionate, since overall I find myself blind locked far more often than silence locked - could this be just RNG, or has anyone else experienced something similar? 

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I can't remember the last time I was blinded in PvP, but silence happens all the time. I think players running with Silence must out number running with Blind more then 10 to 1. I used to run with Blind. I "see Blind" (:D) as more of a PvE godstone. I take so much less damage when a mob is blind.

I have run with both Blind and Silence. After hundreds of attacks from each:

For every ~50 Blind procs, Silence procs ~45 times.

Note: Rangers and Sins have blind skills too.


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Seems that the land rate is set accordingly to it's precedence.
Green Lowest chance rate
blue low chance rate
Gold medium chance rate
gold illusion Medium slightly higher rate than gold
Gold from rewards office (kinah + AP) Highest chance rate.

Also Gold from Rewards office have higher landing rate in PvP.

I am currently NOT playing the game, so I am Unaware of any change or update on this (I quit since before 5.0 patch and have played a bit mostly PvE, but 1 or 2 hours a MONTH if I play at all)

have a nice day :D


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