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Illusion Godstone: Valonte's Strike


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This new godstone requires some digging to see how much it worths having it over the other dps godstones.


Godstone damage proc'ed when using /attack on a mob outside Norsvold with my spellbook


Godstone damage proc'ed when using my very low lvl Erosion skill on the same mob outside Norsvold with my spellbook


The other godstones were affected by m.boost if I am correct and their dps was a specific solid one on normal proc and critical proc, it had no other variant.

This specific one though is affected by the skill you use when it procs. So it would be good to have a formula to understand it. I mean if it did THAT much dmg with just my /attack and it only did much less with the erosion (because it is a very low dmg skill), will it do insane damage if it ever procs on Glacial Shard which is an ulti-dmg skill?

I also tried it on a dummy but it seems dummies are regarded character ones, after so much time hitting, the godstone never proced because the godstone is a pve one, it will never proc on a player (and thus a dummy that impersonates a player)...unless I was so unlucky and the godstones does proc on a dummy too.

So if you guys have it and are ok with doing tests, please take screenshots and post it here. If you have any additional info please write it as well.


I can't wait to use it on luna daily today and see

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44 minutes ago, Steezie-DN said:

It looks like the mob died right after the last proc, so i'm guessing that the mob only had 1,057 HP left so thats what it was registered at. Ill take screenshots next time I see a proc, but I believe on my dagger its procing for 12-14k damage.

I doubt the dmg has anything to do with the amount of HP left. I have used glacial slowly to enemies and mobs, only to finish it right before the HP was like 3~5% and the dmg number was the same high as normal.

But w do have to take more tests

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Alright, I took tests in Luna, it seems that the dmg is affected by the last HP left on the mob, so yes, when it proced on a mob that had little HP, it as much damage as the remaining HP.

It also seems to do 12.525 dmg consistently. Now I will have to test it outside as well. The godstone is affected by m.attack and not m.boost as others states in other threads, in this case, maybe another godstone would be better for sorcerers and mage users.



Some times it said the effect as activated but I saw no dmg, could it be that the godstone was activated in a mob that just died so the godstone didn't have any HP left to do? Because I have seen that quite a lot in luna in low HP mobs



The training Dummy seems to get hit by it in Pandaimonium, the dmg is slightly more I assume due to no resistances or defenses on the dummy



And then I tried it with erosion and the dmg was the same.


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Case dismissed, I tried Strengthened Tiamat's Fury godstone which is m.boost affected like all the previous dps godstones. This only has 3% chance instead of the 4% that the Valonte's Strike has BUT the dmg is practically double:


So for a m.boost class, the new godstone isnt' as effective as that specific one godstone


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I don't have any of these on my toons, so let see I can learn from it through data mining:

The godstone item itself:

    <race_permitted>pc_light pc_dark</race_permitted>

4% chance to trigger on mainhand, 2% on offhand


And the proc effect:


One thing I noticed is that out of all ProcATK_Instant skills in the database, this godstone effect is the only one to have a value in effect1_reserved5. I don't know what does that mean.

I think it should be affected by magic boost because target_relation_restriction is "Enemy" (if this field is "friend" then the proc attacks not affected by MB - Such skills include Templar's Reroute Power, Assassin's Apply Deadly Poison, and some upper abyss siege coalition buff)

It does only 10% damage against other players. But can these even proc on players at all?

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Just bought a Valonte Strike godstone from the broker for 166 million on KT Elyos.

Made a bit of testing in Cygnea training dummy (no pve zone damage % bonus) on my Templar.

With 5.9% PvE attack, 0 MB, damage is 9531 (9000 * 1.059 = 9531)

Adding about 700-ish MB, damage is same. Magic Boost and base (white) Knowledge do not affect Valonte damage. Perhaps effect1_reserved5's value of 100 is responsible for this? (Other damage godstone proc effects do not have this value)

It can proc against players (tested using duels), but it will do only 10% damage as seen above in the datamine of the proc effect. With no PvP attack, with target having 110 magical defense: damage is 377 ((9000 - 110 / 10) * 0.10 * 0.42 = 377)



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The godstone also is fire magical damage, so the elemental resist reduction from Infernal Blight, Flame Fusion, Blazing Bombarment? and the lightning strike from sin makes it hit harder. I also notice that this godstones aren't resisted by bosses as much as the normal ones. When I used normal tiamat fury the godstones procs quite a few times but most of the times its resisted (you can corroborate that in ARM or AiDPS Meter). but the strengted one is barely resisted.

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@Arxaggelos-KT i think it'll clarify :

"Senior GM Kojima (Aion)

Apr 20, 15:47 PDT

Hi there,

We just heard from the Devs and we can confirm that what you're experiencing is not a bug. It is intended so that the Godstones do not favor magical classes over physical classes and we hope this clears things up. 

If there's anything else, please let us know.

Kindest Regards,

Senior GM Kojima
NCSOFT Support Team"

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