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Focus Shots in PvE yes or no ?

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I tested focus shots it added like 500 damage more per skill.I'm considering cast time and auto attacks I lost because casting focus shots.Unless I use cast speed scroll to reduce cast time + title that would be like 10% cast time of 0.5 = -0.05 cast time = 0.495+0.667 motion time = 1.162 sec totally slower than deadshot.(deadshot 1 sec)

I don't think it's worth it.Any different opinion on this ?

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Focus shots 30% damage bonus applies on every damage boosting thing you have (including attack skills, green attack), before enemy physical defense.

simplified damage formula with focused shots: damage = (Total weapon damage * (1 + percentage damage boost skill) + attack skills damage bonus + green attack) * focused shots - enemy defense

Total weapon damage = base white weapon damage + armor enchant attack + power shards

Note: focused shots is not a "percentage damage boost skill"

Most endgame monsters have around 1500 physical defense (150 damage reduction, applied after focused shot multiplier)

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