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Re-logging System


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I am not sure why nobody talked about this or maybe y'all did and I had no Idea about it but here's the deal:

When we disconnected due to "any" reason the time we take to open Aion again, type your cords and wait for the "LAUNCHER" to open and load SO you can log In again that's roughly 2 min for a potato pc like mine.

Why can't we just go back to the Log In Screen like before...that will make it A LOT easier for  people like me.

I got auto kicked a lot of times

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I agree with you Renaissance-KT. Recently I checked Aion on gameforge, on PTS. They have the old launcher, and the log in is inside the client. It was amazing. Every time you disconnect, you just go back to the log in page. Game client remains open so the re-log process take 30 seconds tops. I have to say i never imagined a DC can be so pleasant as it is on Gamforege. NCWest should really consider changing this with the new update. I am really sick of missing all the action due to the log process of re-logging after a disconnect (i have lost so many EC or KB runs due to DC). And Bryos-DN I agree with you also, for a while it was a good effort, but at this moment, The only thing this launcher prevents, is honest players enjoy Aion to the fullest :) Hackers still strive in Aion, nothing seem to stop them :) 

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