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Ranger Status at 5.6 [PVPVE]

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Hey Guys! I need a little help about ranger stats on 5.6, i've seen a lot of numbers with the new manastones, but i'm lost about how many precision i need... and after how much i can put some power also.

In numbers... how much Crit/Attk/Acc/Ma is good enough for an ranger to PVP and PVE?

I didint found many videos and tutorials about rangers, so.. any tip can be very helpful p/
Ty :D

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Physical classes need about 1350-1400 crit buffed for most end game PvE instances. The rest goes into attack. For PvP you'll probably want a precision set to deal with those pesky defensive sets that people make. Yeah I'm looking at you clerics. and then maybe a Power set so you can tank glads with all that pdef deal some damage against people in dps sets. As for numbers to hit in PvP? I don't know maybe someone can chime in on that

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My ranger has Mythic AC gear and bm acc, they help a lot for pvp dps in full crit spec and i hardly ever miss a shot even without my acc/macc, this gives around 1400crit unbuffed and 1200 attack with active skill (my gear is still only +5 enchant)

I recommend this set for dps in pvpve around iluma and norsvold, but not if you want to go hunting the opposite faction, also if you plan on doing end game instances, i recommend socketing some acc/macc if you struggle hitting lvl 73+ mobs

hope this helps :P

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Oh Got it! :D

So.. for PVE I guess i'm fine for now.. i guess i'm already have the AC myth +10 and clarion/alleph acc's and the provenance bow +12 with an boundless fused with precision +7 and lvl 60 atk/acc composite manastones... i reach Atk: 1310 // Crit 1433 // Acc 4260 // MA1825 

But and for pvp? How much its good? I still have the lvl 65 abyss set, and i started to farm the lvl 75 Prime Captan.. but i don't know how much Precision or Power manastones ill need put on it o.O

I finally got a decent bow, an Sophisticated + 15 with an prime fused.. i'm thinkin put full +9 precision manastones, but i guess ill loose some atk stats also... So i  need know what i need put on the set to ballance the stats  :S

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Hey Guys! I'm a new ranger (still in the leveling process) and I was wondering if there was an easier way to farm ap. I was told that you need a lot for the prime bow, and just needed a little extra help. Also what manastones do I socket into it? (PVP)

Thanks for all your help


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Sophisticated with Apollon under for PvE. Socket Power 7s / Precision 7s until your power is at 300/ Precision 200ish. Full Apollon accessories (very easy to farm, golden wing mark upgrading is cheap as well).

Armor, I prefer Sophisticated Frigida but Apollon is fine. Again, Power 7s till 300, Precision 7s till 200ish. 

Ranger DPS in PvE sky rockets at 74. The upgraded Mau form is ridiculous and, if DP items are juggled correctly, can be full timed. Did an AoE the other night start to finish without ever turning Mau form off. 2,200 attack 1,600 crit the whole way with just Bestial Fury on. Essence core +5s will be your friend, need 180 total essence points to unlock Mau Blessing.

Ranger is a beast again :3

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