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Magic Defense name in 2 stats??? BUG


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Looks like the devs at Korea are responsible for this mixup:

In the Defense tab of character info screen, the name of the MagicalResist stat is shown using the string  STR_TOOLTIP_SKILL_STAT_MAGDEFEND:

  • NA: Magic Defense (wrong)
  • EU: Magic Resist (right)

On the equipment MagicalResist stat name is correctly displayed in the gear. The string used is either STR_TOOLTIP_SKILL_STAT_MAGICALRESIST or STR_TOOLTIP_SKILL_STAT_MAGICAL_RESIST_O (both have the same content on NA and EU):

  • NA: Magic Resistance
  • EU: Resist Magic

On a different note, NA now calls MagicalSkillBoostResist as "Spell Debuff" instead of "Magic Suppression" on the old equipment.


  • NA: Spell Debuff
  • EU: Magic Suppression
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For anyone still confused Magic Defense +60 is the Magic Resist stone, Magical Defense +16 is the Magic Defense stone.

Magic Defense is the same as Magic Suppression, Physical Defense also works the same as Magic Suppression but for Physical attacks. These defense stats reduce you or your opponents Magic/Physical Attack 1:1.

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