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Gameforge is planning to boost item sale value to 3x (when sold via NPC)

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Gameforge is planning to boost the sale value of items to 3x in the near future, as long as the items are sold to NPCs (15% of item base value). 

Note: item sale value when personal store is used remains at 1x / 5% (unchanged).

Original set to go live on the October 30 maintenance, but there were major issues (All chests were empty) which means this new future will be delayed until NCSOFT can provide Gameforge with a new patch.

Currently on NA, item sale value is:

  • 2x (10%) with personal shop
  • 1x (5%) with NPCs



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Knowing they got hit with a 5% value in sales after 2 weeks of enjoying their 20%, increasing it back to 15% is actually a good move. We started off with 10% but we will still end up in the negatives at the end of the day. The question remains, how long will the players be able to enjoy their 15%?

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