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Does Support Chanter exist now? Is it even useful?

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1 hour ago, Gabe-DN said:

Switching to  HP pve set during pvp like wtf?

Re-read what @Capa-KT said:

On 11/19/2018 at 4:33 PM, Capa-KT said:

A HB PvE set might not be that important in PvE (although it is really easy to make one) unless your goal as a support is to carry or replace your cleric, but in PvP it can help out tons, particularly since chanters don't often get focused anyways, so switching to HB set is a breeze (instead of endangering your entire group every time, like on cleric), giving your group a second Splendor of Recovery every 10s.

S/he said switching to pve hb (not hp) set ONLY to quickly cast Rejuvenating Spell then you switch back to pvp set. I do it myself and it's fairly helpful. As mentioned, we aren't usually focused so it's not that "dangerous" to do so.

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6 hours ago, Gabe-DN said:

Switching to  HP pve set during pvp like wtf?   Retuning wings for HB again like wtf?  If its the 3rd stat I guess that is fine but you still need crit and acc just like any other physical dps.  People clutching to hp sets are still living in the wrong patch, its pointless as you already said your not getting focused and if your getting hit then just simply move, almost every heal is an instacast except for healing burst.  Also if your getting hit during the pvp fights, you can probably count on the guy hitting you is ignoring the marks he is suppose to be following so he will either switch or you kite him around long enough your group works thru the marks then eliminates the threat bothering you.  Now that I think about it, I guess I could resocket my legendary pvp set with hp/hp and give it a try but I have yet to come across a match where I even need it.  I will admit I gave up on the idea before 6.0 when they were denying us new shields and maces but I might have to farm me a new shield and do some testing since cube is maxed out and I am curious about the shield defense.

Or just have another set of Accs (coe even) that you switch to that have HB and switch back lol.

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