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Ranger Stigma Blazing Trap Magic or Physical Damage?

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I would like to know if the Ranger Skill: Blazing Trap [item:140001165] is working as intended for Aion 6.x. Is Blazing Trap physical or magical damage?

  • In Aion 5.8, Blazing Trap's damage would increase if Ranger had more Magic Boost.
  • in Aion 6.x Magic Boost has been changed/modified into Magic Attack and is not intended for use for the Ranger class.
  • I use a Blazing Trap Stigma at +12 (+9 + 3).
  • at +12, Blazing Trap's damage is about the same as Ranger skill Dead Shot and is a dramatic decrease in damage from 5.6.
  • Is the dramatic decrease in damage as intended - or -
  • has this skill's damage not been updated to Aion 6.x?

Thank-you for any information you can provide about weather or not Blazing Trap is working as intended.



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As of Jan 2019, my auto attack is doing more damage then Blazing Trap (+12).

  • Blazing Trap, by mistake, is Magical Attack.
  • A Ranger's Magical Attack is lower then any mob or player's Magical Defense.
  • The current patch has affectively disabled Blazing Trap and the Blazing Trap's Stigma should not be used.
  • Blazing Trap should be changed to Physical Attack.

Thank-you, MayBlue.


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