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Lakrum is too small for hungry tiger

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Since i came to Lakrum on level 76 for a mission, there's a lot of ranger running around and killing all the enemy even they are level 80. Since im Gladiator, i need to attack on close combat.  But I REALLY DONT UNDERSTAND.. WHY THEY KILLING ALL THE ENEMY EVEN I ALREADY KILLING IT IN FRONT OF ME??. They are too many and no matter what hours. I see them every time and the field is really getting clear. The worst is..  i cant do my quests. And also why they do it even they full level?. But anyways, Please expand the field 5 times if possible. SO MANY HUNGRY TIGER. Im not joking. If i can just put all the monster i see to their mouth i will. Because i really feel bad how hungry they are.

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Report them and maybe.. just maybe.. Support will ban them.


(.. and then the bot players will just make more.)

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If a lot of people report a specific bot then that eventually gets an automated prohibition. The more it gets reported the easier then it gets to get prohibition. But making a lvl 80 chars i 1-day matter so in 6.2 they literally shat in every real player and favored the bots in every aspect.

You cannot get money via instances, only via grinding -> bot friendly
You cannot trade anything to your main, you have to broker things, you lose money this way -> bots do not care, they are faster snatchers than humans
Report a bot, gets prohibition -> the next bot will be logged and continue farming.

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