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Make a rewarding open world pvp


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I know that this will be just "ignored". so i just want to tell you that killing elyos/asmo, isn't really rewarding and entertaining at all.

Yes it is entertaining during your weeklies but when everything is done, ID,AD,EC, weekly camps,(weekly quest 20's)the lame urgent quests,SIEGEand ALL PVE instances. Even though you are a freaking over geared whale it's really boring killing the opposite faction for what? for nothing?then it's BORING.... what would you do after that wait for world boss all the time(PVE?), you will hit esc button then click quit!.

Open world pvp is really boring right now, unlike before 1.X to 2.X, you will gain abyss points depending on the rank of the elyos/asmo that you killed, and use it to buy your pvp gear (see it's really rewarding)

if killing elyos/asmo will give me automatically at least 1 genesis crystal or fighting spirit, i would pvp all day!

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I can not think of many people that gained the amount of AP you needed from the rank 9 heros/twinks you fought back in 1.X-2.x to buy your PvP gear. Since majority of the community went backwards in AP that is why the change in how much you lose came in. Many people still did not have the officer quest completed till 3.X just shows how little officers came out.


All your going to get from a change like this is people using legion kisks and trading with their alts and their friends alts so they can get 1000s of crystals.

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1 hour ago, DevilNest-KT said:

Well...  each week i get several rewards from Open World PvP

630 Genesis crystals and 820M exp from Urgent quests.

210 Legion coins and 770M exp from Legion pvp Tasks

500k AP from kills

40 Fighting spirit fragments from 50 kills Prestige Quest

And some fun too :) 


It surprises me that an ely on KT can find enough Asmos to complete every camps quest.

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