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Please bring back the old AION PVE??


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54 minutes ago, Vantheria-DN said:

I did Tiamat on a new toon a few weeks ago and had no issues killing her with the new quest gears. You said you equipped your toon "rather good," but what exactly does that mean? What gears is your toon wearing? The new gears you get from yellow/blue quests or some old gears from 5.1 or something?

How I geared my toon:

Indomitable Tunic

Indomitable chausses

Indomitable spaulders

Indomitable accesssories

Bracelet from Lower Udas Temple

+5 Archdaeva Restructured Danuar brogans with Precision+6 and HP+7. I hate running in slow shoes like what they give. 

+5 Archdaeva Restructured Danuar handguards with flight time manastones. Now I prepare others with Crit Strike+Magical Accuracy manastones, they show the change in the profile stats compared with those with flight time

On a toon lev 80 I tested, same brogans with different manastones (f.light time vs Precision) show difference! But they don't show it on toon lev 61

+5 Archdaeva Restructurd Danuar Staff with armfusion same staff, with Precision and Power manastones. 

I had things like these on my other chanter I played in Tiamat a month ago, except of weapon - she had Distorted Sunayaka weapon fused with Harvester weapon, it's stronger. But the transformation was greater while this one has Ancient and fitting with class. So I think maybe to change the weapon. 2 choices: 1. Sunbirst+Indomitable fusion, or 2. Harvester Weapon, which I still luckily have. But manastones should be not archdaevic but older, like Crit strike+mag.accuracy or accuracy or simply crit strike, until she got to 80.


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You are nerfing yourself by using the old gear. If you can't stand to run slow, keep the boots. But change the staff to what you get from the blue/gold quests. The stats you are missing are PvE attack and defense and they make a big difference.

But honestly I don't think it's the gear that's hurting you in Tiamat. The boss reset. It happens. Either you did something to make her lose target (ran too far away or ran too close or something) or you did nothing wrong and the boss just reset. That has nothing to do with anything that happened between now and the last time you ran it. Just use a different entry and go in again. 

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Ooof. That old gear is what's hurting you in that instance, aside from the reset. I had a legionmate trying to kill Tiamat in old 5.1 gears and he kept dying repeatedly. He was finally able to do it once I put WoW and Blessing of Stone on him, but yeah. Was pretty tough for him in those outdated gears.

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4 hours ago, VivaMori-KT said:

Thanks. So you recommend the Sunbirst staff? OK it's easy... Although, it has no peed. Gloves from 6.0 have no attack speed... 

Correct. That's why you need to use a transformation potion or a transformation.

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Aaah, this is a problem I've seen a lot of returning players run into- the same issue I had on day 1 of 6.0 really. I was trying to kill quest mobs with my Master Harvester and mythic AC set instead of the Lakrum campaign gear. Because here's the thing: the stats on old gear often look better, but in 6.0 the stats and damage calculation were completely revamped, so you need to use the new equipment from quests and campaigns if you want to deal damage. (There are some very specific scenarios where players will use old gear, like Caeus weapons+godstone in the off hand, or casting speed maces for 100% heal spec clerics. And I don't blame people for using old shoes for running around the map- can't wait for the update where low level/Ancient shoes give movement speed too! But a general rule of thumb is to stick to the Ancient gear you get from instances and quests.)

If you've already done certain campaigns in the past and can't get the new gear through questing, returning players can talk to a NPC in the capital cities to receive a box to open as you level, full of goodies like motions, mounts, and free Ancient gear.

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