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Don't forget housing problems.


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Hi, i come to tlak mostly with @Cyan. Back in October when 6.0 was the fresh update, i posted a problem wich in that momment doesnt seems that bad... But now is 6 months later, and is the 6.7 patch, and still there the fact that with the Construction crafting gone we werent able anymore to get 2 cabinets, that we used to get every 60 days, by crafting or buy from broker from people who crafted. These to cabinets are Ulmus Wood Cabinet (Noble Ulmus Wood Cabinet in white version from proc craft), and Egrasi Wood Cabinet (Noble Egrasi Wood Cabinet in white version from the proc craft) Those 2 Cabinets own some specific storage lines from Housing:

Ulmus Wood Cabinet: Plain 1-Drawer Cabinet (same for the "Noble" version)

Egrasi Wood Cabinet: Simple 1-Drawer Cabinet (same for the "Noble" version)

As you can see in the next screenshoot im providing the 2 first lines of my storage are inaccessible, unless you paid a stupid amount of kinah in broker for the last pieces of those cabinets in the server, because as Construction craft doesnt exist anymore, and Plaync didnt put any Contruction craft in Aetherforging, is just "Good Game".


I know the items i have there are not worth at all, but im not the only one iwith this problem, most of the people with studio, house, mansion, estate and palaces have this problem, and some of them have really important things in these storages like AP relics, Omegas, Tempering, Skins that they craft with Lunas or they bought with Nc coins, and many other items that can genrate a huge amount of kinah or valuable items right now.

Please don't forget this problem. You can add those cabinets to an NPC shop, to Kinah shop, as Luna Craft, even to be bought with Petals, the ones that are currently kinda useless since the Guestblooms NPCs are totally bugged withoout any shop interface on them. There are way many options to fix this. 

And i haven't reach to talk about the Housing script that are unusable in game since the 4.5, yes more than 5 years.

Thank you.

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I would love for housing to be fixed. It's actually a pretty nice feature in Aion, only for scripts and stuff to have been broken for years. I switched mains a few years ago now and most of the music scripts I find don't work, can't use some of my cabinets so I have so many stupid dyes cluttering up my warehouse. You'd think that fixing the guest bloom vendors would be pretty simple fix and adding the different cabinet types for a reasonable amount, but who knows...we can't even get updates to the Gold Sand shop or even the daevanion skill vendors to reset right, among so many other issues.

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Last year before 6.0 was released, there was a suggestion made by a couple of players about adding the removed construction crafts (and other hard to acquire items like souvenirs from deleted regions) to a special NPC in Pernon/Oriel. It was mentioned in this thread here: https://forums.aiononline.com/topic/2971-news-aion-awakened-legacy-arrives-october-24/?page=8. Cyan reacted positively to the suggestion, but because there was never any mention of it again, I assumed they would be adding these items to the new BCM. That never happened either.

Not sure why it is so hard for them to offer us items we already had access to. ¬¬

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