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Aion 2 PC underworking ?


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NC, 'Lineage Remaster' Hoon .. 'TL' and 'Aion' to catch the PC market

Since the early 1990s, NCsoft (CEO Kim Tae-jin, hereinafter NC ), which is known as the king of Korean PC online games, is in no way interested in the PC game market. NCsoft (the one after "Blade & Soul" released on June 30, 2012 NC ) is "still poison ', ' Project Horn ", "MXM-', suspended the release of such Lineage Eternal" and yireotdahal PC a sequel It has not been released. It's also true that the title of the PC game title has been slightly faded by new works such as 'Black Desert' of Pearl Abys and 'Lost Arc' of Smile Gate without releasing new works for over 7 years . However, following the launch of 'Lineage Remaster' on March 27, 'Project TL' and 'Aion' new works are under development and pursue extreme perfection, so NCsoft is interested in the PC game market .

First, 'Lineage Remaster' is a new work that has dramatically upgraded much in the original 'Lineage' such as graphics, battle, mobile streaming play.

'Lineage' service, including 4 times more clear graphics, server-integrated siege, automated combat, and remote systems, is the largest update in its 21-year history and is considered a stepping stone to serve the next decade. The market share of the PC room jumped from 0.65% to 1.65% from March 25 to 31 on the basis of the game tricks . NCsoftÊs share price is estimated to be between W500,000 and W490,000, as it is expected that sales of Lineage Remaster will be more than W40bn, and that the mobile game Lineage M will still generate solid sales. The situation has jumped to the second half. After the effects of the 'Lineage Remaster' , expectations for NC 's next PC titles are also rising.

' Project TL', which is a new PC of Lineage IP , is a practical substitution game of Lineage Eternal, which was followed by Lineage Forever. It is observed that there will be.

Community and in addition to the specific game St. Clan is expected to boast the quality and scale of the other overwhelms the game buying a graphics with the Unreal Engine 4 based, NC ( NC ) is seeking a higher reality immersion in open world with time and climate change It is predicted that it will be able to lead the PC market technically as well . 

In particular, the possibility of multi-platform support such as consoles in the conference call in the last 4 quarters has been pointed out, and it can be said that 'Project TL' is concurrently console with PS 4 or Xbox. In addition to 'Project TL' , Triple-A class new PC MMORPG (online role-playing game with multiple access) utilizing IP of 'Aion' is also anticipated. Although I have handed over the official title of "Aion" 2 to mobile 'Aion Tempest', NCsoft's development work for PC is a back door that is highly developed to be highly praised. 'Project TL'

The fireworks are blowing in the wind, and only the part that touches the puddle is turned off, maximizing the interaction between the characters and objects in the game (the surrounding objects). 

In addition, NC ( NC ) said on February 12 that it is preparing three PC and console platform titles within five years in the conference call . In addition to the projects ' TL' and 'Aion', there is at least one more market-driven premium game, and according to Yun Jae-soo CFO , the project will be released a little bit at the end of this year or early next year Is predicted. 

An official of the industry, "Lineage M ' after the success of NCsoft PC ahninya it that when fear of the market is not in fact come here pointed out the outside, but existing services are games and still firmly updates, PC in New We can see that we are investing the most in Korea. " 

The official said, "However , since the blank period of the new PC game is getting too long, new PCThis may reveal the new look also relieve the thirst of gamers and PC will be able to recover the phase of the NC for the gaming market, "he said. 

Dong-com professional games journalists johakdong igelau @ donga.com ⓒ Dong & donga.com , Reprint without permission and redistribution prohibited 

I don't know maybe bad translation ? o_o Some Korean believed Aion 3 is coming on PC who knows ._.

The news date is 2019.04.02 


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I think there is still a huge market for PC, a lot people are starving for one. Bless had a huge turn out, however failed miserably as predicted. GW2 seems to be getting a little stale even though it still has a fair population as does BDO. Problem with Aion 2 or any other from NcSoft is, it will be handled here by NcWest and you will be lucky to get 50% of the content or support Korea would get. Just have to look at the track record here. Inept Dev team (if there actually is one) and a marketing team/person that doesn't have a clue what the player base would want and purchase. If it wasn't for Cyan there would be literally no communication whatsoever. I am not nor will I ever be a mobile game player so if the market dries up guess I am done with online gaming.

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