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Create custom alternate server


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We're not talking about there should be a classic or not this just talking about a server we want it to be.

Lore : Shugo Brown lost his lover during Berita incident his heart is broken but it's not stopping him from trying to get his lover back.Despite many years have passed all of his experiments failed until one day he able to create a portal though time.It's his mission to stop Berita's invasion and following disasters after that.Will he able to save his lover ? It's your duty to help Shugo Brown to save his and your own destiny.And maybe chance to erase your enemies for once and for all ?

Server setup discussion base on version 4.0.

First we need to look in the past about master server changes master server has serveral things changed from original server.

-Stigma renewal to 4.8 - Well it was looking good but it kinda limited our freedom to choose stigma more than when we had 12 stigma and since everyone missing classic I say we should keep it to classic)
-Skill renewal  - Maybe or maybe not don't care about it that much.
-Hard leveling - No no no we want original level exp rate of 4.0 and without double exp need for lv 65 too.
-Breakable gears - No we ain't going to replace 5.x

So what's custom feature to 4.0 server ?

-We want custom chain skill from 6.2 I try to play without one and it's really hard.
-Character Creation from 6.2 I admitted the hairs from 5.0 got problem but people want more hairs.
-Luna craft from 5.0
-Ancient mana slots able to socket normal manastones from 5.3
-Auto learn skill from 4.7
-Campaign quests that giving basic eternal gears (worse or same as kahrun eternal).
-Add GP system from 6.7 prevent someone hogging rank.
-Cross armor remodel eg remodel clothes on plates.
-To auction a house,masion,estate and palace you needs to pay guest petals too.
-Able to trade silver,gold,platinum,mitirl medals.
-30% capped magic resist.

What I didn't included ?

-Aethertech class it's unpopular class nobody at the times of 4.5 plus the class is really slow.Plus it's like mini transformation people just hate they can't see their own skins.
-Omega and Tempering Solution they're p2w.

If people don't like this version of Aion then I don't know what to say :P

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I know what to say. Everyone has their own idea of what a "perfect" Aion server would look like. And that's fine. I don't much like yours and I acknowledge that you wouldn't like mine much. All of that is fine and really just an exercise in "what if" imaginings.

What I think would be more productive is to have NCWest actually -listen- to our reasonable suggestions for the game we are playing right now and then take those to NCKorea and -fight- for them on our behalf.

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Well, the one thing I can agree with is Aethertech. Did honestly try it, other than looking like a updated version of Robbie the Robot from Lost in Space tv series (yes I am that old), the constant bouncing drove me nuts and made my neck hurt.

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