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Hey you guys, well... I need some help to understand what's happened to chanter? Cuz, last time i played was in 4.0 if i'm not wrong, and... Whem i logged today i saw some class who was supposet be a chanter but he didn't have any cc, or stun, or anything u know? it's so weird, see my dear chant without his cc, does't anyone know if is this some bug, or this is real? And what 'bout my extesible staff (lvl 65) who becames a piece of garbage.
cuz if it is... Well... Maybe it wasn't a good idea get back u know? =\

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Chanter was revamped just before 6.x.  

The slows are still around and you can still stun using perfect parry.  However to knockdown people chanters now have to socket alot of Crit Strikes as the new armors very rarely provide this stat.

Chanter heals are as bad as ever unless you get the Daevanion skill upgrades for Recovery Spell (1 single target which removes slows, 1 group based recovery spell).

The new run/attack/casting speed scrolls have been replaced with transformation scrolls.  You do not get attack speed/cast speed gloves (except maybe on Ultimate armor)

All old armors/weapons/accessories are essentially worthless (most will sell for 1 kinah if at all).  If you are questing until you reach level 80 and use these armor, you will struggle to kill stuff.

Extendibles from old 5.x and before are mostly useless.  I believe even if you use it against someone, he will likely block/parry/resist your strike.  There are rare new extendible weapons but i believe they are rare.  You can use all these useless armor/weapons as skins though


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9 hours ago, Chevalier-EK said:

but he didn't have any cc, or stun

We have a ton of stuns. Seriously, like half of the chanter skills have a chance to stun, stumble, or knockdown your opponent -- ESPECIALLY once you start getting your Daevanion skills. The only catch is that most of them are dependent upon a critical hit. In order to get crit strike, you need to retune your gear (with kinah) and/or socket crit strike manastones (expensive).

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oh come on dont tell him that our heals actually arent that bad the only problem is we have 1 skill that wont benifit from heal boost and thats our recovery daev tree all our other healing spells do get heal boost healing light burst heal and word of life when maxed out i hear heals the group for over will heal for allot at lvl 1 mines level 2 and it heals for 7250 over 5 sec  combined with rejuv spell wich heals for over  16010 time i  your healing for 23260 over 10 sec i can solo heal FM with a decent group + WOQ when needed we are good healers and the shields we get for blocking damage we are not as bad at healing as everyone is making us out to be especially in pvp if you party with someone who has good CC or SL like a SM or assassin if not both because the healing side to chanters has very little in the way of stun locking or croud control but we are great at support you would be best at teaming with casters though because i dont think physical DPSers actually benifit from WOQ but casters will benifit from both WOQ and WOW + heals and shields

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