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Is it possible to do good dps without frog ? (SW)


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I'm considering paean of pain as not so useful stigma as slow dots and long cd and not affected by magic attack buffs maybe exultation or hymn of rejuvenation is a better choice for both solo and group play.
I'm currently using cast speed transform I'm very please with cast speed of pulse which I'm using for weave but ofc it chaining skills speed dropping.

Some people might say cast speed do affected frog charging time but I hardly noticed it even with SoD on.
I know SW can't be top dps so I'm trying to be best of my char mixing between heal and dps.

Will I lost a greatly dps if I dropped frog  and PoP ?

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Hmm I tested dps 2 mins with and without frog and PoP

Without 4.247kk
With  4.545kk

If we multiple by 5 (10 mins) we will have this result

Without 21.235kk
With 22.725kk

I questioned myself if losing 1kk dps from 10 mins worth with able to self heal and ability to save other members plus ability to debuff boss atk ?
My answer is definitely hell yes :D

Please comment if you have otherwise opinions :)

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7 minutes ago, Ele-DN said:

no, its like 7-10% of your dps

If you mean I won't lost great dps without frog/pop then I agreed with you :P

Tested it myself and impressed I won't reliable on charging skills so much only need for unicorn xD
Weaving with pulse is the key,love the idea being to heal myself from death is adorable.

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This thread getting me curious about hybrid cleric but I don't think they're in same situation as SW during following reasons.

-Cleric can getting heal buffs like shield buff,50% heal buff and 1100 heal boost there's hardly needed for Bene for more heal boost to self heal or save other members as non main healer.
-DPS cleric vision stigma isn't useless,it's quite useful for DPSing by decreasing mdef and mr by 3000 and 1000 for 20 seconds cd 30 seconds.
-Call lightning is much faster than frog because it's a casting skill affected by cast time greatly plus you can even speed it up by casting sage's wisdom.

Still got some questions regarding bless shield and amplify
Should I use them for MP gain while dpsing and more magic attack or save them for healing only ? o_o

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Paean of Pain / Mosky Requiem Lv 6

Cast Time 1s

5621 damage over 8 seconds (702 DPS) (Total of both dot effects)

Isn't that great?

SpellATK (Magical dots) are affected by magical attack, but not the class knowledge modifier that distorts the tooltip damage(120 for sorcs, 100 for bards)


Flames of Wrath / Hell Flame of Wrath Lv 2

Cast time 4s

5635 damage

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Thanks Moomoo,

But my mind leaning on hybrid mode already xD
Instead farming healing boost accessories I think it's just better if I just use heal boost stigma and keep using dps gears :D

Btw magic attack buffs I'm talking about is throne song and refreshing melody I read a bard guide in EU forum back in 5.8 day they said PoP ain't affected by them.

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