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Black friday


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Here at NCsoon we are glad to bring you all these specials goodies that you guys desired so much for our BLACK FRIDAY SHUGOTASTIC Special Offer !!!


icon_item_gab_special_junk_c_08.png Exchange this black Shugo-Rock* at Ariel's Sanctuary or Azphel's Sanctuary for Great amounts of Abyss Points! (5 AP each)

icon_item_enchantstone_g7.png Reinforce your equipment with this Glorious Enchantments* blessed by the Shugo Emperor. (your items might get destroyed in the process nyerk)

icon_item_crystalball01f.png Enjoy with this new addition, the Shugo's Balls !  Thanks to this Inventory Decoration* made by our Shugo engineers your inventory will always look fuller! ( 40 unit Non-stackable bundle)

 icon_item_gem03f.png Missed the chance to spam Dark Poeta ?? here our Time traveling shugos will bring you these fine pieces for you to create* your Necsium Gear (available at your nearest crafting table)

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