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No Lugbug


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Seems more and more of the game is not being playable...also have missed the daily and weekly rewards from lugbug for over a month....putting that aside not being able to take part in the hype because we paid to take advantage of a feature put in the game is kinda FUBR. Fix yourself NC...you can do better than this....

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Right after they send the EC compensation, they can send the lugbug/transfer compensation.



In all seriousness, this is a really awful bug though not super surprising. We pay for Prestige and for 5 months, we got crap that was outdated. 5 months it took them to fix something players PAY for. Ofc there is also EC. But this lugbug/transfer bug is nothing new. The staff has known about it and players that paid to transfer just did without the rewards they would be getting from the lugbug quests. Now something actually important to play the game is tied to lugbug and something that was just annoying is no essential.

This is what happens when the staff just lets things slide.

We have one full-time employee for Aion. One. He hasn't managed to get us a fix for EC. He hasn't given out the EC compensation. He didn't do anything to fix the Prestige for 5 months. He didn't push Korea to investigate and fix this lugbug/transfer bug. He doesn't speak to us. He doesn't answer our questions. He doesn't give Cyan or Hime information to give to us. Events often have lackluster rewards that often have little relevance to the game in it's current state. It's like he has no idea what the players in the only game that he works on need or want. 

I don't understand how this happens. 

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