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Dimensional Hourglass expires


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From patch notes:

  • 2. To enter Crimson Katalam, one must possess a charged Dimensional Hourglass.
  • Charging the Dimensional Hourglass requires using a Dimensional Hourglass item, available from Lugbug missions.
  • One point of charge is deducted per minute while in Crimson Katalam, and up to 300 points (5 hours) can be charged.


"While in Crimson" was not the case for my chars. One of my alts got an hourglass, then the time ran out while I was playing a different char. (Alt was logged out in Oriel.)

My main's time ran out while I was doing quests in Lakrum. I never got into Red Katalam.

Is this as intended? are the patch notes incorrect?


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That didn't happen to me. 


Actually.. the hourglass that you get from lugbug does expire. If you -use- it (double click it), it fills your REAL hourglass with minutes. Those minutes do not expire. So what you need to do is get the login lugbug reward hourglass item, double click it and then your minutes are safe and will only tick down when you are in Red Kata.

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