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480 stigma enchantment stones so far, RNG really broken


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23 minutes ago, MiphaBae-DN said:

lol, wasn't this content designed with people having +15 stigs in mind? Getting +12 is very difficult I don't see how many people will manage even that.

The content was designed to make money for the company. When an event comes around to make enchanting stigma's easier in 6-12 months time(with a +12 safe spot) that will also be to make money not to help players. 

This is why NCsoft are expanding in to the Console market for our region instead of fixing their current games for our region.

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5 hours ago, HealingSquid-KT said:

Pretty sure looking at the KR website it is just a better version at +15. I am sure enchanting the already enchanted skill will be a future update no doubt.

Because theoretically you can enchant stigmas as far as much as +2147483647, at least when you put the enchant stone it allows you to put the number as high as this (I was putting 9s and eventually the number became this 2147483647)

Obviously the chances are slim but +15 is not the max enchant. Most stigmas with 2~3m cool downs would be instant use if you took them to +30~40. Imagine that :D

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