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[CC] Cyan, [CM] Hime where are Arena of Discipline rewards


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  • 2 weeks later...

“Hello there,

Upon checking, there's still no update from our QA team regarding this issue. We can only hope for your understanding since the devs may not be active this week due to the virus outbreak.

However, we will assure you that this is currently being investigated by the QA Team and we're also hoping for a fix regarding this issue sooner.

If you have more to add, please let us know.


Would have thought this was suppose to be NCsoft West responsibility.

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Funny you got a response like that when


Cyan replied today with this so i do not think it is the whole virus issue that is not getting you an answer. More so the radio silence till they figure out what is going on. Congrats on your compensation when it comes in.

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COVID 19 has shuttered the -devs- (NCSoft Korea), not NCWest. What Support is saying is that they have told the devs in Korea that there is an issue but that there may be a delay because of COVID 19. Cyan's replies are actually perfectly consistent with what Support is saying.

However, I can understand that blaming the virus seems like a pretty poor excuse when there is -always- a huge delay between something breaking in NA Aion (that doesn't effect $$$) and when the devs get around to fixing it for NA players.

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