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Cannot find shifting magma sorceress skill, or how does one acquire it?


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Shifting magma is the daeva skill for Magma Burst. And Elemental Rush is the daevanion skill for Magic Assist. 

Easiest way to get it is go to lakrum and talk to the Crafting material contributor (is in the room next to the one that has broker and warehouse) and buy 6 marks each week to craft the daeva skill.

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11 hours ago, NatsumiMai-DN said:

thank you for replies, I finally see where the skills come from.

Are there PVE ways of getting  daevanion skills, crafting material contributor required abyss points?

You get 1 per week with 60 gold ingots, not so worthy (it used to be 200 gold ingot,s I bought 2~3 of them with that price lol)
You can craft one per week with aetherforging, you need 480k AP to buy 6 things from Lakrum npc and then 100 genesis crystals (find the recipe in Aetherforging).

In high instances (so no FM or BoS) there is a chance to get a shugo that drops them. The chance to get one is so rare that people have found other ways of getting them.

so people most likely do this: they have level 80 alts, enter them in IDD, and check for the shugo, if there is a shugo they enter their main too and claim the daevanion. If there is no shugo, they simply put the next alt character. This way you can even get yourself an infinite amount of daevanion books as long as you have alts and as long as you are willing to pay for entries reset (luna or scroll). Everything else simply sucks or is highly pay to win.

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The main way people are getting skillbooks now is through the daevanion marks that are given out as a reward in instances IDD, PF (not hard mode), SLEZ, SLNM, and Beni Estate. If you complete the instance in a certain amount of time (most groups do), then you get 1 daevanion mark (2 in SLNM). So just by running your normal pve instance cooldowns, you can get at least 1 skillbook per week that way or 2-4 if you are decently geared.



5 x PFNM
2 x IDD
5 x SLEZ
10 x SLNM
3 x Beni EZ
6 x Beni NM (although I'm not sure anyone has successfully beaten this yet)

So theoretically, you could get a max of 31 marks this way -- or 5 books. But realistically, it's like 2-3 per week if you're decently geared.

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You can also run any path in Herelym Mine (There's an easy/medium/hard path to choose from) and a shugo that has a chance to drop a skill book can spawn at the end. It's just about as rare as any other instance, but you can run it solo so if you get one it's guaranteed to be yours and you don't have to be super geared to run the easy path. And you're getting AP for every run, so even if you don't get any shugo drops you'll have enough AP to craft your skill book!

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