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Monster Hunt Challenge is already active?

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the event "Monster Hunt Challenge " is already active? Could you give us a mission to have more control over the number of monsters killed? I know it can be seen in options, but if you disconnect or enter a PVP instance it is reset,  Cyan you could confirm if the event It is ongoing and working well, I do not want to waste time killing monsters

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How to Participate

The event will begin on April 3 at 12:00 a.m. and will end when maintenance begins on April 15.

For every 25,000 monsters defeated in Lakrum, Demaha, Crimson Katalam and Crimson Danaria, the player that landed the killing blow on the 25,000th monster will be rewarded with a Joker's Special Grade Transformation Box (30 types). The reward for each 25,000th monster defeated will be delivered to the qualified players’ mailbox each weekday starting on April 6. There is no level restriction to be eligible to receive this reward.

Does this mean for the whole population, when the 25,000th monster is killed some random Joe will get the Box, or do you have to be in a group and a group member gets the box? This rule is so vague! @Cyan can you please clarify?

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You got ti wrong, you do not kill 25.000 mobs yourself to get the reward. EVERYONE kills mobs, when the 25.000th mob is killed the person who does it simply won the chances against the server for that part of the event. you have no control over this, you just have to be lucky.

You might kill 10.000 mobs and someone kills one, if that someone kills the 25.000th he won, you get nothing from that part of the event.

We all get rewards for every 125k mobs kill regardless of who kills them or how many is killed.

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