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Stigma event... but then again not?


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OK, let me break this down because this event includes a ton of things that are not really an event.

+9 spot was already implemented by 7.0, so no event here.
+12 safe spot is a 7.5 feature, that is also not an event feature.
Chances to successfully enchant a stigma were 20% and remain 20% (no event here, like EU or Korea got that took it to 35%). You still need 150~200 stigma enchants to make 1 stigma to +12 and those who can afford will use another 200 to make them +15, because the +12 safe spot is making it possible.


The event is practically, go to BCM, buy 15 BCM stigma enchants and give them to the NPC for a sure +9 stigma.

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44 minutes ago, Kubei-DN said:

Not really an event when you're forced to use BCM.

well lets say 95% forced? lol , we can get some from Luna Game of Fate, the event last 30 days, so focusing on that burning all my toons Luna instances cd (4 accounts), in 1 month i could get around 26k Luna, i think that will be enough to get 2 or 3 stigmas +9 from the quest on top o the other rewards from Game of fate.

or its just me always trying to find a workaround :P

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This "event" is horrible, every single one of my stigmas that were already 8 are lower now, i did this 3 times. what a ripoff, I hope youre happy with yourselves ncfail. These stones are cursed to all nyerk, I got my stigma enchants from WB's and as most of you know, you can't always win those rolls, why is that these stones are better? WTH

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