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Sealing and Unsealing items: Don't do it


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Sealing an item makes it totally safe and bound, you cannot discard it, or accidentally sell it, or alter it in any way, like retune it, extract it, remodel it, paint it, socket it etc. If an items is done 100% as you want it and has the good retunes, it might be regarded wise to seal it (I guess).

BUT, you need to wait 7 days for an item to unseal (which is mentioned in the unsealing scroll that costs 2,5m)... what it doesn't say in the scroll (but says when you try to unseal) is that you can only have 3 items waiting to be unsealed at the same time...

...which means if you seal 9 items, you need to wait 3 weeks for all of them to unseal, 3 items per week max. If you sealed 30 items, you need 30 weeks to unseal them!!!


First the 7 days unsealing seems to be too much, unless it is intended to be used as a punishment for sealing them somehow. Also the 3-item limit concurrent is also inexplainable.

So I made the mistake to seal everything since they seemed to be "set" but then I realized the accessories get odians and runes, so now I'll have to wait a few months before everything unseals lol!

I am not mad of course, since it will take months before this lag is gone and the game becomes playable again.

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17 minutes ago, DevilNest-KT said:

oh Boy! i'm sure i would be damn mad LMAO, thx for leting us know xD

I know right, at least for me it is not like I can odian anything because odians drops from world bosses and I don't do them, and also I can't even play the game with the lag. I just opened a ticket letting them know how awful these tricky mechanics are.

I am glad I was people's guinea pig for testing, you are all welcome.


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8 minutes ago, Vantheria-DN said:

I don't even fully understand the sealing thing lol. I guess it's a way to protect your gear from accidentally being sold/destroyed?

Supposedly yes. But the way it is implemented it looks more like prison for your items. The fact you can only have 3 waiting to be unsealed with the fact that unsealing takes seven whole days... is what makes this ridiculous.

If unsealing took 24 hours for example it wouldn't have been a bad feature, or at least allow more than 3 items to be unsealing.

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