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Text box fix


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Hey @Haon-KT. The first version in the album certainly looks nice! I'll be sure to share it with the team - but I am still getting visibility into their priorities so can't offer any opinion into what they'd think of it.

That said - in my experience, UI changes can be surprisingly expensive to implement. This might require much more work than you'd otherwise expect. Still, I will be sure to send it along. Thanks for sharing!

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3 hours ago, Haon-KT said:

@Kibbelz @Loki

Hey kibbelz, loki.


Can we have a fix for most text box that we have in the game for something like this:


Second pic is what we have currently, this is not only for ress, but for retunning and other stuff.


...what? you want us to have that huge big window instead of the one we currently have? I wouldn't want this for sure.

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