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Frozen skill bar bug

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I posted about this in the special bug n issues thread but my post didn’t draw any attention, so I repost ithere. I’m talking about the bug where you cannot use most of your skills neither by mouse nor from keyboard. It is happening more and more often for me and other people Iplayed with.

I can only use magic rush, aetherblaze (but not vaizel’s wisdom) and teleport. Pots are usable too. It is very annoying since it happened already 2 times in Eso with many mobs pulled. One time our pt got wiped cause we didn’t have strong enough people to kill so many mobs without me.

The bug disappears after relogging or teleporting. Please fix it, it happens often in most unlucky situations...

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Thank you guys for your feedback. I wish everyone who experienced this issue leaves here a comment so we show that this bug is indeed very common. Of course there are many people who don't look very much on forum, but at least...

Imagine not being able to use your skills with a dozen of mobs on you ? in a timed instance ? in front of an enemy player ? for a healer at boss ? This bug undermines the gameplay and must be investigated and fixed asap.

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