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Random server maintenance


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Theres issues eveyr week, normally around Sunday-Monday. And 99% of the time its due to something happening on KT. It seems most recently, the issues surrounded Katalam, the map not the server.. We always have resets because something always happens. The way to think of it, is to get all the runs you wanna get done on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. And then the runs that arent as important do them Saturday and Sunday. So when server reset comes, you dont miss anything you really need. And, I say to get your important runs done Wednesday-Friday, because theres times where the server resets on Saturday. So pretty much just look forward to a server reset some time during the weekend/on

15 hours ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

Maybe they wanted us to have twice instances reset to celebrate tomorrow’s drop buff with a PF-SL-IDD fest. :D people on lfg already anticipating the bug

And no, this isnt it. We've been having resets about every week for the last several months. The celestial planets just so happened to align with the anniversary being right on Tuesday. 

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7 hours ago, Vantheria-DN said:

They would have to pay an employee to work overtime on the weekend, and this game, sadly, is not worth that extra money.

Not now. 

But Aion used to have more than 1000 players online in the past. Much more. And today is not even their worst moment. I can remember times when the 104 max players in the search option was more than enought to see all the people online in the faction. 

A lot of bad choices, having the wrong people in each job, not paying attention to the players and the lack of intelligence, were the things that made Aion the small game that today we have. So they can keep that way and wait for NC West´s end (cause they are failing in the other games too) or they can change things and make some investments to fix the things. 

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After today’s “Emergency Maintenance” our Lugbug Event Quests were all reset for the week. Today I would have completed my “Obtain 30 Candy Hammers” quest. I was unable to collect my reward for the week because it was reset. I was supposed to have obtained 20 Event Coins and a Wicked Gracheni’s Vault Bonus Entry Scroll.

We should all be compensated.

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