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got a new high spec gaming computer with 32 gigs of gaming ram...have fiber optic connection...even with all this i'm still playing RNG with logging into game...either the bird women disappear on screen meaning you have to close window and try again...usually have to restart computer...if you get lucky and pass the bird woman, you might get stuck with a black screen..i understand the game is old...damn get it together NC SOFT cause this is all on your end..

spend some money and fix whatever problem going on with the server..i play other mmo's and don't have any problems with logging to game...i mean it is sickening more than anything..gotta waste time restarting computer or try the launcher 6+ times hoping you can log into game...since i'm old school and not tech savvy like the youngsters of today...i had an expert come in and look at things...to make sure before i write this that i am in the right...she went through the files did test and it's nothing on my end..

i know things not perfect with the company...at least give us a decent log into game..i mean fix the problem and make everybody happy...cause nobody should have to wait a few minutes to log into a game...especially when you spending money with them...lastly i dont have stuff running in background while i attempt to log in...in case if somebody respond turn off anything in background.. 

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  • Aion Team

Hey @Saijah-KT.

Sorry to hear about your experience, especially with such a new machine! Could you reach out to our customer support team with details? There is a chance they might be able to help, or at a minimum the info could be very helpful for our QA team.

Thanks, and good luck. Here's a direct link to our CS ticket submission: https://support.aiononline.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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