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Evergale instance, why its dead


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I mean, if you are lucky, the 80 Battle Mark bundle can give you loads of good stuff. And the Artifact Core Fragments will give you a steady source of Spinel Medals. The Lesser Minion Contracts are meh, but they are mainly used for Minion Combining attempts. And 50 GP for winning, in an instance that you can enter an unlimited amount of times within some hours is fair.

The issue is the same as Dredgion Defense though. You should not be able to kick other players form your alliance. It is really easy to abuse. They can kick you because they dont like you, they can kick you because you disagree with their decisions, they can kick you because they think you are AFK even though you were respawning, doing your own thing or just lagging. It is especially annoying when they kick people when it is a "lost cause" run. I mean, sure, unlimited entries, but the 15 minute cd, and the time spent inside the already running instance...

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