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Shining Red Gemstone Glad Question


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Someone told me that all Shining Red Gemstones can actually have 3 "Boost Skills" possible on them. The defaults for glads are Cleave and Robust Blow, the third has to be achieved by combining gemstones together. I was wondering if anyone knows if this is true or not? I had a few extras laying around and tried combining them but I always just got Cleave and Robust blow. Just seeing if anyone knows if this is fact or fiction so I can stop wasting my time and kinah chasing a myth. Any sources on this would be greatly appreciated as I have scoured Powerbook and Aioncodex for answers and can't seem to find the skill lists for gemstone boost. Thanks in advance!

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45 minutes ago, Rag-DN said:

Thank you so much! I'm assuming the 2 other skills are only achievable from combining? 

Yes, it is POSSIBLE that combining two gemstones of the same color but with two different skills will result in a different skill of that same color. Again though, it is not guaranteed. For example, I just combined a Blue Muzzle Flash gunner gemstone with a Blue Spinning Fire gunner gemstone. The result was another Blue Spinning Fire gemstone, not one of the two rarer skills.

So with it only being a chance for one of the rarer skills, I'm not sure it's worth attempting on anything higher than a basic gemstone due to kinah cost in obtaining multiple Shinings or Dazzlings. Now, I am not sure about world boss gemstones. It is possible that they may be one of the two rarer skills, but I haven't been to a world boss in months, so I don't know.

Also worth mentioning, although not entirely relevant to your question, is that you can only combine gemstones on a character of the same class. So I could not combine the gemstones on my chanter; I had to give them to my gunner to combine.

Additionally, the design of the charts above make it seem like you can only obtain the two rarer skills on Shining or Dazzling gemstones, but that is not the case. I have one of the two rarer skills on a basic gemstone:


One last thing, here is the actual patch note text regarding combining gemstones:

3. Odian Synthesis feature has been added.
- By synthesizing Odians, players can obtain new Odians.
- Synthesizing Odians of the same colour and grade will give you an Odian of the same colour and grade but a different skill. The assigned skill is random so there is a chance to receive an Odian with the same skill.
- Synthesizing 2 Odians of a different colour will result in obtaining and Odian of a different colour.
- Synthesizing Odians of a different quality will result in obtaining an Odian of random quality.
- If you combine Odians of different qualities, you won’t be able to receive Dazzling Odians.
- Odians for different classes can not be combined.

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This was actually basic and shining in the picture. I am unsure if you can get on dazzling as well but combining 2 dazzling O.o you'd have to be crazy but for my chanter I do have all 4 different greens so combine is the best way and its rng since I don't play dps I used my red shinings and I got the block curtain blue.

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