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Hack hide MataTodosHombres And AbiTricky


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I used to play a lot with some friends with hide skills (rangers and sins). and used to be funny to go hide and then just talk and the message appeared over the head of the hidden player. So was a way to see where he/she was. 

At the beggining they seem to be really lost about your position. But then you started to talk and they probably saw that. Then a few of AoEs trying to touch you and thats all. And even with all that, took them a lot of time. 

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Thank you for reporting this incident.

We understand that their behavior can be frustrating and we appreciate your patience as these investigations take time. After we investigate the matter, we will take appropriate action based on our findings.

However, please understand that privacy concerns prevent us from discussing our methods or the results of our findings.

Thank you for your time and understanding.


John Doe
NCSOFT Support Team

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13 hours ago, Apsicopata-KT said:


@MechEagIe-DNdo you think of a templar and Vandal following me on hide 2?

@Apsicopata-KT Dont worry they probably end up getting 3 days ban and a free name change ticket from Ncsoft ....



10 hours ago, HealingSquid-KT said:

They clearly have their sound turned up max and heard your wings flapping :).

 I can see the dude close his eyes and put the volume to maximum with his headphone LOLLLLL


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