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Aion 8.0 DP Skill (MechPaintProJob)


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Good stuff. Thanks for Posting this. Lol the fact body smash and ferocious strike generate DP for glads means full dp bar all the time lol.

I think there are some missing from the list on powerbook though.

On plaync, it shows cleric has a skill that consumes 4k DP as well as a few others for other classes.

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29 minutes ago, MechEagIe-DN said:

@Pharoahra-DN yeah i bet some skill are missing look at gunner make no sense to me 
I just took what i saw and try make it easy for people to read !

Yeah on plaync gunner has 2x 1k recovery and 2x 3k recovery. So, powerbook is missing a bunch from classes.

But definitely this helps give people and idea of what to expect.

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