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[Survey] Israphel Asmodian Survey


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17 hours ago, Ele-DN said:

Theres no troll here. Would you join and help someone who stole from you? rubbish talk? screwed you in some way?

If they were to lead, and did the above to many others, how would that go? Would it be easy to get people to trust them with lead? Remember 5.8 or around there where you were forced into collations and if you had issues with them, they would kick? Theres these 2 famous  "leaders" that did that and screwed themselves later in 6.0 because they had no power for being dicks.

If I could single one thing NCSoft noobed hard on it would have been the coalition feature. Probably the msot stupid thing they ever came up with in the history of Aion.

20 hours ago, HeartStrings-DN said:

You have to keep in mind that the chart was made by an asmo manually then asking you to take his word for it the numbers are correct.  Secondly how many asmos have created an account with an elyos character also and logs in afk .  If you like the numbers look no further than the in game number of ratio of influence the Elyos have which is "0" or look at the number of times they have taken a fortress since classic started.   It alright if you want to keep this imbalance going in favor of the asmos but when the game is destroyed because the Elyos are tired of going to siege for nothing then good for you just ruin another good game.

You could make the charts yourself or anyone could simply take a simple look and test it. He would have to be a total noob trying to scam the numbers only for someone else to come and post different numbers and disprove of every effort he made so far.

He didn't make the charts to persuade anyone for anything. His thread simply shut up every elyos that came to the forums to make fun of IS-Asmodians for not being good "at leadership", implying that elyos win because they are good at it.

It was them doing a service to themselves by trying to make the enemy look bad.

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