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Server Transfers


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37 minutes ago, 5sB1C19-DN said:

Imagine transferring to a dead server and getting geared for nothing and finding little to no pvp.

But Alvie is an elyos on SL... that transfer would benefit their faction so it doesn't really matter you or the Asmodians feel, as long as it serves "the balance" it should work or something.

Of course it wouldn't, if any Asmodians had to be transferred to IS or prevented from being able to make a char on SL to begin with, they would simply quit. Nobody plays Aion to fill faction quotas, everyone does it for their own personal joy whether that works for the company or not.

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2 hours ago, Alvie said:

They would benefit more from free character transfers from Siel -> Israphel, but not back the other way.

They would benefit more from... oh you mean NCWest, yeah nobody cares if NCWest benefits though. The key is for players to benefit, not the company.

A free transfer form SL-A to IS-A is like a free 1-way ticket to a 3rd world country with no way of return.

Nobody on SL-A cares if IS-A will work for the IS-players or for NCWest because it is not their problem to solve. Nobody from SL-A would ever be willing to transfer to the dead faction-server. Even if the transfer was free and they gave incentives they would still not go there. Getting free scrolls so you can die like a dummy is not appealing to anyone.

Even if IS-A has 100% 24/7 free siel's Aura until the balance comes, not a single current Aion player would play there, the people who play now do not care about the 15$/month fee. It would only appeal to cheapskates or people from poor countries, and once the balance would come, they would have to pay for Siel's Aura and they would have to quit bringing back the imbalance.

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2 hours ago, Illyriah said:

TBH, with the low base of actual players, they should just do a merge now, rather than wait for more people to just quit.

It's not a low base, that's just your personal opinion.

If you actually did an online player count over the years, then you would see that Classic  in NA has far more online players than the player numbers which kept Aion alive in NA for the past 5-10 years.

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