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Coins from Daeva Pass ARE P2W, DON'T DO IT


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Just stop. The game is in this state because you allowed P2W since the start. Coins, crowns, candies, all made the game WORSE and far from the classic experience you promised.

I know you are just greedy and want to milk the cow before turning it into hamburguer but please stop. Submission is expensive enough, having pay to get winning things is even worse and MORE expensive.

but the worst is the gap you create between whales and commoners.

Just food for thought: where I live, you multiply the prices in dollar for 5.25.

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The game is really becoming out of reach nowadays. 

Inflation is really killing a lot of things.

Inflation PLUS Lack of population is really killing profit margins from gathering and crafting. Aethertapping almost essentially useless without putting hours of hard work into it for a few million an hour.


Most huge players are working with +10-15 Trio fusions and enchanting that is a massive feat (nearly impossible) without RMT. 

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